Republicans shut down debate on Patriot act. Oh, the irony

I’m speechless.

That whole “democracy” thing… if it doesn’t serve Republicans, let’s just get rid of it.

I want the Desslock take on this.

I was a Republican for over twenty years (though I did vote for Clinton both times), but they aren’t Republicans anymore. They’ve turned themselves into the Nationalist Party.

I’m sure it involves “moonbats”.

He’s not as smart as Koontz! (And a furriner.)

Good thing they don’t have Socialist in there!

This was her first hearing…can you imagine?

Yeah. I made a similar switch, for similar reasons.

I really trace the shift to Gingrich’s ascendancy — better to shut everything down, if you don’t get your way, than to work within the Constitutional system. That they’ve been pontificating about filibusters is just surreal hypocrisy.

Ok, first, I hate the Patriot Act, Bush, the Saudi connection, Gitmo, Iraq, etc.

But, after watching the video, it seems that he just shut down a proceeding that was being hijacked for the airing of grievances that had nothing to do with the stated purpose of the meeting.

I hope and pray that the Patriot Act is examined and shut down, but he seems to be in the right. What am I missing here?


Further, the points they were making were a hell of a lot more important than the sections under review, when do we get a hearing or review on those?


He adjourned the hearing without making a motion to do so, having the motion seconded and voting on the motion to adjourn. Regardless if the topic was going off topic (which it wasn’t), that is no way to adjourn a hearing.

Now, there is a case in parliamentary procedure where the chair may adjourn the meeting without a motion, but that is only if it is apparent that there is no further business to be brought forth. They were still in the middle of their agenda when he chose to adjourn.

EDIT: Also, when you hear “Point of Order!” it’s a challenge to an error in procedure. In this case, the adjournment of the hearing.

One of the most hostile moments in politics lately and the thread goes nowhere.

The resident outspoken conservatives ought to have something to say about this, right?

What is there to say? I can’t see how anyone with any respect for the democratic process could show support for this, even if you do support the Patriot act. Sensenbrenner’s (and the GOP members at the hearing) actions were reprehensible.

Actually, I think they left.

You can always read the freeper reaction. Of course, it will make you afraid of the dark.

Actually, I think they left.[/quote]

For the most part, you can count on folks like Desslock to totally ignore this kind of thing, ignoring wrongdoing on the people they idealogically support, in order to focus on ranting about ‘crazy stupid moonbat liberals’.

I think you can count on any partisan, regardless of allegiance, to gloss over their own party’s mistakes. I don’t see any discussions on these boards about Howard Dean’s recent rants . . .