Request for photoshoppage

Having beat pancreatic cancer a couple years ago, my Dad is still out sailing around Buzzard’s Bay. Go, Dad!

A sailor friend of his snapped this action shot a couple days ago. Unfortunately, that boarding step he left hanging over the side is bugging his aesthetics so he asked me if I knew anyone who could remove it. Qt3 to the rescue!

Any Photoshop wizards out there with 10 minutes to spare willing to take a crack at it? Looks like it should be a pretty easy edit, just need to erase the step, shadow, and rope lines on the white-ish background of the hull.

Maybe I could gift a little game on Steam or something in appreciation. Thank you!

Here’s a link to my shot at it.

That looks great! Thanks, Mr. Zero! I’m sure he will be really grateful, even if I get most of the credit. ;)

Resolution seems to have gone down by about 20% for some reason? I only ask in case he wants to get a print made.

Is there a little game on Steam you’ve been wanting? I’ve got Frozen Synapse and something called Bioshock in my inventory…

I think it just seems smaller because you haven’t zoomed in on imgur. If you click the “Download full resolution” link below the image, you should get it in 1262x1682, same as the original image.

And no payment necessary! It really was easy as you thought it would be – content aware makes this stuff a snap. Congrats to your dad for beating pancreatic, that’s a scary one, hope the buzzards don’t get too close.

Now make one with a Kraken arm going up the side of the boat or a Great White breaching!

LOL, Penny.

Mr. Z, I see now the error was on my end so I’m stuck asking the favor all over again. Sorry!!!

The original image he sent me was 1536x2048 but I must have messed up when I uploaded it. Or maybe I can blame imgshack.

Here’s the full res shot on imgur.

Given this grievous blunder, I might have to insist on throwing a game your way. Transistor is on sale today. Bet you don’t have that yet.

Ah, more pixels to work with; I can say without equivocation this is my finest work yet in editing the hull of your father’s boat. (No joke, I actually realized I missed a few things on the first try.)

The fullest of resolutions.

Anyway, I’ve spent more time trying to phrase my graceful demurral than I did editing the photo, so again I say – no payment necessary. Though next year I’ll have another ebook on Amazon, you could buy a copy then.

LOL, that I will do! Amazing work. Thank you again, Mr. Zero. Very awesome of you.