Request for recommendations: Awesome Action B-Movies

I love crazy action B-movies. The Resident Evil and Underworld series are perfect examples. These types of movies typically have a mid-range budget, goofy plot, hot girls, great action and gory violence.

I’m struggling to find other good movies in this genre that I’ve not already seen.
Do you guys have any recommendations? :)

QT3s Uber Awesome Action B-Movies List:
English language

Title Year Score imdb
Accident Man 2018 6.2
Army of Darkness 1992 7.5
Babylon A.D. 2008 5.6
Band of The Hand 1986 6.3
Blind Fury 1989 6.4
Bloodsport 1998 6.8
Brawl in Cell Block 99 2017 7.1
Commando 1985 6.7
Crank 2006 6.9
Deadly Prey 1987 5.5
Death Race 2008 6.4
Demolition Man 1993 6.7
Desperado 1995 7.2
DOA: Dead or Alive 2006 4.8
Dog Soldiers 2002 6.8
Dredd 2012 7.1
Drive Angry 2011 5.4
Enemies Closer 2013 5.1
Equilibrium 2002 7.4
Escape From New York 1981 7.2
Evil Dead 2 1987 7.8
Fortress 1992 5.9
Ghosts of Mars 2001 4.9
Hands of Steel 1986 5.4
Hard Target 1993 6.2
Hard Ticket to Hawaii 1987 4.8
Hardcore Henry 2015 6.7
Hobo with a Shotgun 2011 6.1
I, Frankenstein 2014 5.1
Low Blow 1986 3.8
Megaforce 1982 3.8
Miami Connection 1987 5.8
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear 2013 6.2
No Escape 2015 6.8
Pitch Black 2000 7.1
Primal 2019 4.8
Resident Evil 2002 6.7
Samurai Cop 1991 4.6
Scanners 1981 6.8
Shakedown 1998 6.0
Shoot 'Em Up 2007 6.7
Soldier 1998 6.0
The Bad Batch 2016 5.3
The Bank Job 2008 7.2
The Chronicles of Riddick 2004 6.7
The Expendables 2010 6.5
The Hidden 1987 7.0
The Long Kiss Goodnight 1996 6.8
The Rundown 2003 6.7
The Scorpion King 2002 5.5
The Substitute 1996 6.0
The Terminator 1984 8.0
The Transporter 2002 6.8
The Way of the Gun 2000 6.7
They Live 1998 7.3
Timecop 1994 5.9
Total Recall 2012 6.3
Tremors 1990 7.1
Turbo Kid 2015 6.7
Ultraviolet 2006 4.4
Underworld 2003 7.0
Undisputed 3: Redemption 2010 7.4
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning 2012 5.0
Universal Soldier: Regeneration 2009 5.2
Wedlock 1991 5.9

Foreign language

More examples:
Escape From New York -
Soldier -
Mad Max Fury Road -
(Not sure if this one quite fits given its huge budget)
I, Frankenstein -

Well Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness seem obvious.

Some others:
Dog Soldiers
Wild Zero

A great one I saw recently was Universal Soldier: Regeneration, which was directed by Peter Hyams son who is currently producing a limited-series adaptation of Maniac Cop with Nicholas Winding Refn. Despite being a direct-to-video production, the stunt coordination, action setpieces, and inspired location (it all takes place around the abandoned Chernobyl powerplant) elevates it above the moribund series it’s attached to.

Another silly flick I had a good time with during the short-lived Sam Elliott renaissance was the odd-couple buddy movie Shakedown (1988), which saw a burnt-out hippie cop teaming up with a post-Robocop Peter Weller as a slick lawyer tackling police corruption. Was clearly greenlit just to get some of that Lethal Weapon money, but it’s very well made and the performances are great.

The Substitute is a ridiculous flick by Live Entertainment (Reservoir Dogs and King of New York) with an over-the-top performance by Tom Berenger, which is really saying something, as a soldier going undercover to a inner-city school to take down a gang of students. It’s a violent, campy take on the Dangerous Minds formula. “Power perceived is power achieved!”

Kung Fu Hustle

District B13

I’m on my phone right now, but you can’t go wrong with Shoot 'em Up. I’ll add more later.

Hard Target, John Woo’s first and best Hollywood movie.

The Hidden
They Live
The Transporter

Also how dare you this is an A++++++ movie. Sir.

Fury Road’s definitely a blockbuster-budgeted flick. It also received stellar reviews with many arguing it elevated the genre, netted ten Oscar nominations, and ended up on nearly every cinephiles “best of” the decade list. It’s an awesome action film, but I don’t think it’s very ‘B’.

Things I have watched recently that fit this catergiry:

Drive Angry - closer to a C-movie, but hey, Nicolas Cage!
Primal - See above
The Bad Batch - great, but you’ll need a strong stomach for the opening 30min or so.

Hobo with a Shotgun is kind of fun too.

The sex scene shootout is super memorable, but William Fichtner steals the show. Apparently it’s one of Axl Rose’s favorite films which seems weirdly appropriate, haha!

Equilibrium is b-tier right, that’s kind of fun for the gun kata nonsense.

The Rundown is pretty fun.

Damn, I was gonna recommend Equilibrium but got beaten to it.

Instead I guess I will offer up The Way of the Gun.



The Long Kiss Goodnight

I’d suggest going through the filmography of Scott Adkins - especially the stuff directed by Isaac Florentine.

Ghosts of Mars.

This is one of my favorite B movies.

I’d call it “not good but incredibly watchable”.