Request for your help in zombie co-op, but not in the way you think

Hey, I don’t know if this breaks the rules of Digg or not, but can I ask you guys a favor?

Here’s a bit of a goof I wrote about cooperative zombie killing games. Can I trouble any of you with Digg accounts to Digg if you’re okay with that sort of prodded Digging? And assuming you’re not offended by the placement of Left 4 Dead on the list, which might be a deal-breaker for some of you.

I get email requests to Digg stuff, so I figure a forum post asking for it is kosher. I don’t do a lot of pimping for Fidgit and it almost never gets Dugg. But I’m curious what effect Digging will have on the numbers. This is strictly a voluntary thing to satisfy my curiosity.


“Theirs is”

Man, the folks are going nuts over the L4D listing. It’s almost like a horde of forum posters mindlessly clawing at your position.

That image rocks, Telefrog!



Done, and holy cow those are some flamerific comments!

Done, I think.

I don’t have a Digg account, but I submitted it to reddit.

Ack, I didn’t realize it had to be, like, submitted and everything. Thanks for your help guys. Maybe next someone can explain Twitter to me.


Position of Left 4 Dead is definitely a deal breaker :(

They’re blowing kisses compared to the comments on the Killzone 2 post.

Not even taking into account the zombie authenticity…L4D wins by virtue of being designed from the ground up as a co-op game.


Let’s see:
Co-op that is actually successful in it’s own right- essentially changing the next wave of PC FPS’s that they HAVE to have it. But wait- Co-op doesn’t sell- you know that nugget we have been hearing for what 14 years or so?
A Team mode that is maybe the first successful asymmetrical MP game ever. BF:Vietnam was close, but this is a radical change in MP gaming. And having to change you way of thinking every other round- a shooter that is actually mentally stimulating…


Diggity diggity dugg.

I had to think for awhile to remember my username and password for Digg.

Tom rated Left for Dead as #5 because he felt that it’s overrated as hell.

And I agree with him, frankly. I haven’t played some of the stuff on his list but Left 4 Dead is such a homogenized, light-weight experience that I can’t stand much of it. It feels like the same super-slick 15 minutes of a game looped over and over again.

I really like L4D, but I think Tom hinted at something that keeps it from being a great zombie game (imo) and limits my enjoyment of the gameplay.

L4D is too well made.

It is a typical Valve game that has been play-tested and balanced to perfection. In a Zombie game, I believe that that is a detriment. Call me crazy, but I wish L4D was a little sloppier, looser, and more rough around the edges in its tone and design.

Are the best Zombie movies ever the AAA summer blockbuster?

But tom couldn’t make it #1 because too many people play it. Heck, it has an 1800 post on his own forum.

I wouldn’t Digg that shit if you gave me a shovel made out of money and tits.


YES! Have you SEEN the 28 ____ Later movies? ;)

I have to say that Romero’s movies were good for their time, but after watching Diary of the Dead, I really doubted his movie making skills for the modern day :P