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Sadly that link does not seem to work in Germany. They do not offer that donation service here.


That was a nice video, Tom. Was that sunset or sunrise?


As someone who just started running, I am very envious of how your area looks - love it. Also, your dog is awesome! (I’m sure your cat is as well - Im just not a cat person)


If I pledge more do I get more pet tricks?

Our black lab is trained to go fetch her collar but she is so food oriented I can’t imagine her practicing such self restraint with a biscuit on her snout.


Well I rarely pop by Qt3 these days, but gosh, so many of you guys are like good friends to me and I respect this community so much…it’s helped shaped my voice as a writer and as a thinker and I still come to this forum when I just really want a good solid opinion.

My gaming time ebbs and flows, and I don’t spend as much time online as I used to, but payday is the day after tomorrow and you can put me down for $5/month, Tom. This forum is still like coming home, and I’ll be damned if you don’t deserve to benefit from what you’ve put together.

(Also, holy shit wumpus, that’s an amazing contribution!)


Don’t worry, I’m making sure that poll comes through converted perfectly just for you, Murph! ;)


Sunset! There are mountains at our back, so sunrises aren’t so dramatic. They just kind of pop in all of a sudden.

To be fair, a lot of credit for the dog’s awesomeness goes to my best friend, who raised her. As someone who’s never been a dog person, it’s amazing what a difference it makes whether a dog is well behaved. I guess they’re like people in that regard. A little upbringing goes a long way. :)

I’m afraid that’s the sum total of their tricks. Honey, the dog, does the usual stuff like sitting on command and shaking, but the biscuit-on-the-nose trick is the only thing video worthy. Actually, I guess this is a trick of sorts, but it’s not something she was taught. It just kind of, well, happens.



I’m glad you started this Patreon, Tom. I’m grateful to have you and Qt3 in my life.

My kids are graduating high school this month. My son was asked to write an essay about where he is now and where he expects to be in five years. It was such a cool essay for me to read as his father, but it made me think of you because he (my son) went on at length and with such pride about being a gamer and a nerd. As I read his essay, I remembered his reaction to meeting you. He was totally blown away. I remember at one point we were all in the kitchen and he had gone to the bathroom and never came back so I went looking for him and found him lying in the hallway staring at a stack of games (at least four feet high) in your office. When I asked him later on what he thought of meeting you, he was impressed. He expressed it by calling out almost every negative stereotype of nerds and gamers and then saying Tom’s not like that at all! But it really wasn’t what he said as much as how excited he looked. You made a huge, positive impression on him. Thank you so much for having us over.

As cool as I think his confidence is, I really don’t think I could have given him that kind of an outlook about BEING a gamer. I mean, I’m his dad and I buy the games and the consoles, and I try to always be a positive influence, but making him feeling proud of himself on a core level about gaming is not in my wheelhouse. He kicks my butt at most games and I don’t even know the franchises anymore. So, good luck with your venture. I am one of %20 who uses a whitelist on this site, but I am grateful for your efforts and want to support them.


Tim, I can’t tell you how much your post means to me. Thank you.



I’ve heard they are ruined for life if they ever catch it. Or is that rabbits or something…


Worked for me from Germany, why shouldn’t it?


I think ImaTarget is talking about the Amazon link. Were you talking about Patreon by any chance?



By the way - those ads you guys talk about that are “vetted” by some games ad agency? Last week I got a money lending operation, and this week I get “Would you date an elder woman, who lives near you?” - Thats…not what I expected!


I wish you capture the screenshot! LOL!


Your wish, is my command! Its back, you see, even if the ads mysteriously disappear at times.

It looks incredibly suspect - not a link I’d click.


Go on, click it! Take one for the team!


Would you date an older women? Living near you? <-- courtesy of google translate

Well, would you??? Take one for the team???


Depends, is it your mom?


Wait, are you serious? And seriously, are YOU asking? Because she would be thrilled, absolutely THRILLED, that a random person on the internet wants to date her.


Tom - I don’t know what your plans are for ads going on from here, but these ads seems extremely suspicious for me.

This is a “Get rich quickly, through this secret method” ad.