REQUEST: Here's how you can help support Quarter to Three!


My phone gets some really nasty redirects and pop ups at times over the last few weeks. I’ll try to actually get more info on the next one that crops up.


Someone just broke the $1,800 mark. :)



Thank you Tom for all you’ve done for us over (sheesh this is sounding maudlin, but…) the years. Glad to be able to help!


Errr why am I not seeing any ads even though I have QT3 white listed on uBlock Origin?


I do not believe ads have been implemented yet. They are still working on some stuff apparently.


I saw that freaktrain ESR (Eric S Raymond) bragged that he was making “almost $1,000 per month on Patreon” in some typically stupid crap he was saying. This made me wonder how much patreons normally make and what the biggest ones are. Obviously porn and NSFW, I know, I get that, sex sells but… check it out!

Tom is on page 6 of all Patreon creators when sorted by monthly earning income. Even including the NSFW stuff. That’s 100 per page, so @tomchick you’re in the top 600 patreons worldwide right now. And in the top 400 when filtering to just SFW!

Some Interesting stats.

All        390 pages
NSFW only   81 pages
SFW only   309 pages

So roughly 25% porny stuff on Patreon?


Well, just wait until I start implementing the Qt3 Nekkid Hawt Chick of the Day Chick Picks Pics!




Um, Tom? You know there’s a precedent for someone taking suggestions for things to review from his audience, right? This can only end in disaster


Per Tom’s request, we’ve added a Patreon link to the top of the forums, visible when scrolled all the way up.



Hmm. I guess we need to get it working on the mobile style sheet.


Yeah for mobile we could do just the Patreon glyph only, that’d fit nicely!


It’s not supposed to open in a separate window, correct?

The Patreon disappears when you are in certain threads.

Edit: The Patreon disappears if you are not on the first post in a thread. When I start to scroll is goes away.


That’s… what I said?


I only saw Clay’s and your bottom post, not the one above Clay’s. But my bad.


Nitpicking - but the smaller Patreon font is screwing with my mind. It looked out of place and I am compelled to click it. Is it by design? :)

I am wondering if it will looked better aligned right beside the Eye ball icon?


OK, the Patreon link is live on mobile too. Please to be tapping it.


FYI, it’s visible above the edit window on mobile.


Hmm yeah, not sure how to fix. Z-index maybe? If you want to adjust it is in Admin, Customize, HTML/CSS under “mobile” for patreon