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May I suggest taking advantage of your ability to size (and zoom) your windows exactly the way you want on your computer, as well? For example, on my three monitors, I can maximize this browser window across all three of them:

Or I can size it like this:

So, whose responsibility is it to fill up that vast whitespace from the window that I sized?


I’m not sure what you’re suggesting, but I typically use a, uh, wide stance with browsers. As per my screenshot.

Some sites understand that and they’re all like, hey, cool, we’ll take up as much space as you want to give us. Not many, to be fair, but some. Must be all those usability studies you mentioned. But fully dynamic width is one of oh, maybe, two things I miss about vBulletin. I’ve adjusted just fine to the fixed width, but it’s still weird to me that Discourse is more than happy to break its own rule with the preview pane. Suddenly, it’s all like, hey, cool, we’ll take up as much space as you want to give us!



Agreed, fixed width is terrible. I also like to make my browser window relatively wide, to accommodate different sites.


Yeah, but allowing text lines to become extremely long because you don’t know any better isn’t really design per se, it’s just sloppy programmer thinking.

If a new piece of UI suddenly appeared in the margins as you make the browser wider, sure, that’s a responsive design choice. But simply going from

Normal length line of text


Giant extremely very ultra mega hyper super tremendous insanely crazily loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong line of text

… isn’t design, just a bad case of programmer “design”.


Here’s me reading an article on Slate. Look at these jerks not using all my screen space!

All that white space, not being used? Won’t someone think of the white space? Why can’t I white space!


Oh yes, on iPad. I can fix that in a minute here, just a z-order issue. iPad isn’t considered “mobile” so did not get that z-order fix yet. Sorry about that.


No big. Thanks. Sorry if I confused the issue by referring to it that way.


It doesn’t, though. The reason why the primary reading viewport is a fixed width is that it’s more difficult to read very wide lines, and Discourse prioritizes the reading experience. The posting and preview panes are each the proper reading width.

That doesn’t mean other page elements can’t use more of your screen’s width. You aren’t reading freeform text in those fields, so they can be used for other page elements like chat windows, preview panes, etc.


Ah, fair point, Stusser. That makes way more sense.

But c’mon, you guys, who doesn’t miss this:



I really don’t. I recall often making the browser window narrower so that it would be easier to read Qt3. I like the white space, too. It’s easier for my eye to jump between various page elements because they stand out a bit more.


Agreed. I installed a Readable bookmarklet and I used it pretty heavily on websites that were text heavy that didn’t actually make it easy to read things.


I used to have Tom print out the threads and mail them to me on paper. Only way to read IMO.


I was always looking forward to the future when I’d either have a wide enough monitor or a VR headset in which to see every post as it was intended to be read, that is, on a single line.





Tom, is there still a place where one might just donate a single sum? I don’t see a donate button anywhere. But since I will soon be able to do that, rather than be in a monthly Patreon kind of thing, what would I do?


There is a donate button on the front page (click the eyeball).


Oh. That front page. ::sigh::


Actually I

Prefer this


Very easy

On the

Old eyes.


Done - Bully for patreon, I say!


Since the ad on forums is not working I’m still coming here through the front page, where there is ad.