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You have better luck than me: I still never have seen them, anywhere!
(though sometimes, very rarely, my browser prompts me to save some shockwave flash file when visiting the site, so maybe that is that?)


Patreon and Amazon links are at the top of all forum pages now.


Looks really great, and on mobile too. Glad we decided against ‘Qt3 Forums’ next to the house icon on mobile now, plenty of room to include the Patreon and Amazon links!


On mobile: how can we make the Amazon and Patreon logo not disappear as we scroll past the topic? Unlike desktop where that space is used for topic titles, it’s just a blank space in mobile and having that icon appears and disappears is disorientating. I’d prefer if we can add the topic title though.


I recall that you would go by the handle “Hot Elf” in games at times, and that got you free stuff…hmmm…


It’s supposed to disappear, the idea is to keep the UI clean. You can click on the links if you want to, and if not they aren’t always in your face. They aren’t ads anymore.


That make sense.


Awesome, thanks for adding the Amazon link!


I finally got around to fixing this, z-order set on seems to do the trick. Highly specific to iPad.


Oh cool, thanks. Thought it had been fixed already. Maybe I’d just gotten used to it, lol.

And thanks again for the Amazon link. I know I’ve made use of it.


I have tried as well, by using the ?&tag=qt3-20 on another store front than the American one. No idea if it works, although I prefer to believe it does!


Im sorry for asking this but im always posting at work, on the phone, and i dont have time / patience to figure this out. How exactky do i make those cool external links to Amazon? Could someone spell that out clearly?I never used tags/buttons in vbulletin and typed it the codes manually, so im pretty lost on how to link to things externally, and Discourse moves in mysterious ways.


On the forums? Just paste in the link and it should automatically convert.


For anyone considering buying Timex’s recommended popcorn popper, I’mma just put this out there.


Really? Lets try!


Hmm. Almost! Doesnt have cool picture though.

Second time didnt work at all!


That was a link to a search rather than an actual item.


Doesn’t have the smile. tag on there yet though, that’s what i’m trying to get right, to get credit to Qt3.


Smile has nothing to do with qt3, right click or tap and hold on the link to see it:


So did the link i post above credit Qt3? It seems like it did. The link you posted looks like the same link i posted so it should work.