REQUEST: Here's how you can help support Quarter to Three!


The forum software automatically adds the referral part of the URL. All you need to do is paste an Amazon product link (not a search) on a line by itself.


Ok thats what wasnt clear, that it did this automatically. I thought there was a tag i needed to enter. Thanks!







Done, (I was moore on the old forum, I am back!)


Now that’s MOORE like it ahahhahaha


Welcome back!


Did wumpus pull his generous $1,000 a month contribution from the Patreon? Monthly numbers just took a big dip there. That’s not a knock against wumpus–even if he never gave another dime, he’s donated a lot of money, energy, and time to QT3. But if Tom is suddenly making $1k less, the community should try to compensate somehow.


Regardless of whether or not he did, thanks for the reminder that I can actually up my contribution now that the gf’s new job isn’t a new job anymore and we’re finally out of the weeds, financially :)


I’ll leave it to @tomchick to discuss specifics. However, while we haven’t yet ironed out all of the technical details, it’s looking like any additional community contributions would be welcome and helpful.


Technical details? Does this mean Quarter to three will have to pay to use Discourse?


Discourse is free to use. Hosting is not of course.


I don’t want to speak for anyone, but before everyone starts freaking out, from what I remember @wumpus promised to cover hosting forever so I’m sure he’s still doing that.


There’s no need for any freaking out.


Oh no! Threw in a little more.




Amazon Affiliate program cut its rates:

Whoops, I posted this without knowing that Tom wasn’t going the Amazon route anymore for affiliate purchases.


Now I’m trying to imagine Tom squatting. You know like, with pants on and everything. Just squatting. Weird.


Welp, have overcome my fear of heights. Now I have a fear of widths.