REQUEST: Here's how you can help support Quarter to Three!


Been away from here for about a year or so due to many changes in my life and not not having any time for games at all because of it.
But tonight I am finally supporting Tom for all the great years he gave me at Quarter To Three, wish I had done it sooner.
I hope to have some more gaming time for the next while and catch up with the gaming news here, my first to do was buying Planescape Torment EE from Steam today and go from there lol.


I have limited time too and opt for rogue like games which does not need a lot of time commitment. Planescape has too much text.


One of my CCs got canceled due to potential fraud and I forgot that it was supporting QT3…rectified just now! Whoops!


I just subbed!


I looked at the page but didn’t see a single donation option. Is subscription the only model offered on Patreon? I just have this personal preference for fixed donations vs subscription.


I believe Patreon is recurring only, but if you go to the qt3 front page there is also a donate button on the top right.


I could have sworn there was a one-off option on Patreon. It has been a while since I subbed though.


I am not 100% sure, but from what little I’ve seen on Patreon it looks rigged for recurring subscriptions.


Damn. Well there goes my plan to have a one-off donation to Tom for his trip on SpaceX.


Patreon isn’t intended in any way as a service for quick donations, so it’s no surprise that they don’t have a one-time donation option.


There’s no commitment on Patreon, so you can sub, pay once, and then unsub, if that’s what you really want to do.


If you aren’t getting emails from Patreon when Tom posts on there, he has started to give away some more games.


I just noticed that one’s profile gets an eyeball if you’re a patron, but mine doesn’t have it, even though I did get the email about some horrible game that seems rather punishing. What determines if you get the symbol? I’m guessing that it’s because I probably have 2 email addresses or something.


Or because Hal9000 is really not terribly favorable to human life.


You need to login to the forum with the same email you used for Patreon.


I love this month’s Patreon pick. It’s kinda meta. Tom is sometimes asked to review different aspects of life. And now he’s being asked to review a comedy about reviewing different aspects of life as picked by viewers.


Andy Daly really looks like Tony Carnivale


Tom could use an AJ Gibbs-like co-host.


“Tom, I’ve always had a great life full of accomplishment. Review crushing disappointment!”


You guys know what August has to be right? Do I have to spell it out? ;)