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Armoire? Er, no. Grimace! Er…


Stusser, I figured that it must be something like that. Danke!

I was pretty amused with two Thief suggestions. Like 50 years old.


Why doesn’t the forum automatically refresh with new posts like it did in the past? I now have to hit F5 every time. This has been going on for about a week now.


Looks like it is working fine to me


Still working correctly for me as well.


That happens to me sometimes when there’s an update to NoScript or something, and I need to whitelist quartertothree to allow scripts for the site.


Add me to the group of people it doesn’t work for anymore.


I don’t get that updated topic banner anymore either. This is true for Chrome and Edge on Windows 10. I use Norton Internet Security. Is it possible there was some update that blocks the banner.


Here’s my non-helpful “still workin’ for me!!!” I’m using Chrome and have Badger and ublock turned off on this site.


The forum is not auto refreshing on my PC (Firefox) or iPad (Safari). Turning off AdBlock Plus made no difference.


Works for me, homeslice!


If I go into incognito mode in Chrome and don’t log in to Qt3, the updated topics banner displays correctly. Any ideas how I can fix this?


Also working for me. Latest Firefox. Site is whitelisted on all blockers.


Disable any browser plugins, would be my guess. I run ublock origin for testing (all default, no tweaks) and it works fine with that.


Works fine for me.


I removed all Chome extensions (not many) and I don’t use any ad blocker and it still didn’t work. But, it does work if I’m not logged into Qt3, so it seems like it is attached to my profile. Is there a way I could have accidentally disabled the updated discussions banner?


Maybe the layout / color scheme you have selected as a user in your preferences is blocking it somehow? I dunno.


You don’t use my script, right? If you did I could look into that.

Note: I haven’t noticed this issue.


I’ve never changed the layout / color scheme. I’ve been using the default of Qt3 Light and Bright. Now that I’m thinking about it , it was a couple weeks ago Tom gave me the tag of Discourseslayer (appropriately enough). I wonder if that is somehow related?

I’ve never used anything but whatever that standard is.


Ha! You’re being punished by someone. Now… Who could that possibly be?