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I changed my color scheme to a different one and back and now it works.


Nice, there must be some CSS in one of the themes that is weird. Sorry about the trouble, and good work troubleshooting it to completion.


Spacerumsfeld’s request on this month’s Patreon review selection was pretty funny, but what I liked the best on this one was when I stepped out to my patio to grill. I came back to see

Div OS 2

on the screen, and I was wondering which weirdo requested Tom review such an esoteric operating system. I think that this reveals my lack of gaming cred and concomitant lack of coding expertise! I pretty much facepalmed when I backed up the Youtube to watch it.




If you support Tom on Patreon but don’t get an email when he posts something there, you might want to take a look.


Thanks for the reminder. I missed the email from this morning.


Just watched the last review request video! Hilarious suggestions. I absolutely love Tom’s counter recommendations.

@tomchick, I had not heard of the book you recommended. Definitely going to pick it up! Thanks.


I can never livestream with Tom, but he is doing a giveaway for both Patreon supporters and one for livestream this week. He asked us to say a few words about our favorite zombie movie.

I think I can choose Snow White and the Huntsman, because Kristen Stewart is one of the better zombies when it comes to acting.


So if you are a Patreon supporter of Tom’s and don’t get emails when he posts something, or like me, Patreon sometimes seems to forget to email you when Tom posts something, you might want to venture over to his Patreon page this weekend. I have heard that there might be some giveaways of a gaming nature taking place.


Thanks, “Swiss”!


Pretty sure that Tom’s Patreon is one of the most beneficent out there. Very cool recent posts!


The giveaway is well and truly underway. Six games won and more than 50 to go!

And in case you haven’t participated in one of the $10 supporter review requests, this is one you do not want to mess. On one hand, I’m super excited. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure all the request drawings after this one will pale in comparison.



Review request readings are always my favorite Youtube video of the month.




It’s been more than two years. But it’s all come to this:



That was brilliant! :)


Yes, brilliant!

But… does Smaug have a certificate!?


Well, he has an honorary lifetime membership of the Guild of Animal Selectors.


That was really cool, thanks to everyone involved.Animals obviously love me, 2 out of 2 so far


I now, if you permit, will resume breathing. Dear Lord.