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just a dumb question, but when can I enter the review request lottery?? (I upped my ante to 10$) … and also Satyagraha is not minimalistic at all, I always try to catch it live whenever it is in my area (last time this Feb in London) …


Fantastic Patreon video this month. :D

@krayzkrok are you wearing Crocs in the video? D:


Hey, I wear Crocs too but if anyone should be able to wear them without raising an eyebrow it’s krayzkrok!

That was amazing and I also pronounce it ‘smorg’ because of reading The Hobbit as a kid (and having still never read The Silmarillion). It was only The Hobbit movie trailer that clued me in recently…

Nice to hear some Philip Glass at the end there! ;-)


Kroc. You made my day. If I am ever across the waters and doing stuff with the ADF again up north, I am visiting!

Just don’t use me in any number selection resolutions.


Is Left Chicken the new Left Shark of 2018?


Great stuff! Also thumbs up for the Philip Glass.


On the Weird West counter-recommendation, check out (and above board, this is a good friend of mine)

Also, 8 choose 2 (for smash up) is 28 combinations: (8*7)/2


Martin Freeman was a HUGE get for this, Tom.


Everything is better with Tim from the Office in it, even with an Aussie accent.


No wonder that Martin Freeman dude was talking so much about pronunciation. Can you imagine having to put up with Jackson going on about it constantly?

But yes, I totally wear Crocs a lot of the time. However, I’ve realised now they’re looking worse for wear, so I actually bought a new pair yesterday. Same colour, same design. I was originally planning to go barefoot (which would have enhanced the Hobbit vibe, I guess) but those things are so comfortable sometimes I forget I have them on.

If anyone is ever in Darwin give me a shout and I’ll hook you up with the big fella.

Here are some Bolt outttakes, just for fun. Spoilers, perhaps. Although not really. ;)

[edit] Fixed the link. Apparently you can’t hide a link behind a spoiler tag and expect it to work.



Yes it was amazing, seeing you Krayzkrok wearing croc’s while feeding a crocodile.


That was so much fun! Thanks for volunteering the puppers and the … croccers? for that!


I had a blast putting that together. It was inspired by comments in Tom’s last review request video where he mentioned running out of ways to do the random selection after the animal methods hadn’t really worked. I felt that I needed to address that. The only problem now is, where does he go from here? Perhaps we can devise other methods to help out in the future…


That was a lot of fun. I love watching these videos, and seeing Smaug in action was awesome.


Two live chickens…


Hey, man, you guys did a great job. I loved the fake out at the start.

Was I the only one that was like: OMG, he dropped his phone! :)


I can’t really speak for Tom but I suspect that the Patreon message that he sends out was sent prior to your pledge increase and that you will be included in the next Patreon message that Tom sends out where he asks for review requests.


Yes, as @marquac mentioned, you’ll get a message from me shortly asking for your review request. I’ll send those out this weekend.

If it’s not Verdi, Wagner, Puccini, Donizetti, or Leoncavallo, it’s minimalist to me! That goes for that Mozart fellow, too. Not enough notes.