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Great job @krayzkrok!


Hah, that was really fun and your dogs are gorgeous. I love the bit in the final video where you walk off leaving Ursa just staring in the bottom left corner.


BTW krok, if you’re missing it, your phone is somewhere out on the lawn.


In one of the unused takes, I threw the phone over my shoulder and it landed in the bush, took a good 30 seconds to find it again. Fortunately it’s my old phone so I tend to abuse it a bit. Thanks for reminding me where I’d left it though.

And yes, Ursa is totally unfazed by my earthly concerns except where it involves food and her possibly having some of it. Bolt is the affectionate one, Ursa is the smart one.


Nitpick: Those are by no means all of Armando Iannucci’s works. He had decades of amazing TV before The Thick Of It.

Edit: Also, do check out Nighty Night, it’s incredible.


Anytime I get to see Ursa or Bolt, I am happy.


What kind of dogs are they?


They’re good dogs Vasper.




Already answered I see, but even more accurately they’re White Swiss Shepherd dogs (Berger Blanc Suisse).


Don’t call him a minimalist!

But it’s the description that sticks: Philip Glass, the great American minimalist…

If people called me an American opera composer it would have the virtue of being what I actually do. This is reality. God forbid we should be accurate. I’m not making this stuff up. Would it be easier to say I’m an Icelandic composer who writes serial music? Would that be helpful? [Silence, then laughter.] I’m a theatre composer.


This is a minimalist???


@newbrof, you should have received a Patreon message from Tom over the weekend asking you for a Patreon review request. Did you get that message?


yes, thanks for asking … already submitted my request for reviewing my favorite game of all time …


So apparently Patreon screwed something up when trying to process payments so that a bunch of people had their payments declined and it also triggered fraud warnings on heir cards.

Tom, did you get a bunch of declined payments?


My payments (including to Tom) went through with no issue. Got an e-receipt today.


Mine went through fine as well, but I’ve seen a couple of Twitter posts mentioning the issue.


Interesting. Any theories you have culled as to why or a pattern to the problem?


No issue here, but I use Paypal for my Patreon donations.