REQUEST: Here's how you can help support Quarter to Three!


Mine went through fine also.


I got a fraud alert from my credit card company for the Patreon charge, but I told them it was legit, so I assume it went through.


That feeling you get when you know the next Patron request video is going to drop at any moment!


Does it take time for that little eyeball to show up in my avatar?
I signed up about half an hour ago, but Patreon threw up an error. Re-trying gave me a success screen though, so I’m assuming everything went through all right.
My email address at Patreon matches the one I use here.
Is there anything else I need to do to get my little eyeball? Any options I need to tick?
Or does it just take a few days?


Giles…you can get…Patron Script too!!! Like my Wagner Thingee.


Oh no. Those were special. @tomchick doesn’t do them anymore. :)

I keed. I keed.


Well okay, but first, how do I get my eyeball?
And then, how do I get my script thingee?


You fly a secret Turtle to a man named @stusser. He sprinkles you with magic dust found only in Peru. And behold, your Patron Scripty arrives.


I am a Tech Luddite.
Also, my brain is fried from work.
Everything you said went right over my head.
And @RichVR, you’re no help either. :)
Maybe I’ll just wait a few days and see what happens.


It’ll show up automatically (the eyeball) when it processes. When it does you will automatically have your Script thingee and it will say “Patron”. Then PM Stusser with whatever tickles your fancy for your customized Script Thingee.


Very sorry. I was just kidding. Ask Tom for a title. He’ll no doubt give you one instead of just Patron.


No apology necessary, Rich. I knew you were kidding.

Yeah, I’d rather have Tom come up with something. I like surprises.

Thank you. I will be patient.


Understood. Tom gave me mine. And after the move he asked us what we wanted. I said just give me the same one. I do love the birbs.


I think my was Lord King of South Carolina, but I got tired of it.

Tom needs to think up a new one for me. :)


I hope you follow birdsrightsactivist on Twitter.


I don’t Twitter anymore. But thanks for the recommendation.



Patron…request…vid-dee-oh? Where…? Sad…