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We’ve officially moved out of pre-production and shooting is scheduled to begin today!

Also, the British Office is far superior to the American Office.



Cimino is directing I assume?


How do you rank the British “Barrie” against the American “Barry”? Tom Hiddlestone just seems a natural for the role, but I am biased of course.


Well you like Cricket and Crumpets, so you don’t count.

Steptoe or Sanford, Chaps? Choose.


mmm crumpets, with fresh strawberry jam.

What were you saying?


I forgot, I’m hungry.


I always thought that what we call English Muffins here in the U.S. are known as Crumpets in Britain. But apparently, they’re slightly different.


No I want biscuits.


Dammit, it’s released, but the bastards at Youtube are “processing” it!

Sorry, I mean shucks, it’s been released but he fine folks at the subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc. are busy making sure that it is even perfecter! They are so great!!


It dropped, and @tomchick, regarding Coppola…

We agree…shh…don’t tell anybody…

We disagree on Friedkin. Connection is great, Sorcerer overrated (as is Wages of Fear) and you are giving Exorcist the usual Tom-flation for Horror. The Boys in the Band is fantastic and never gets mentioned. Friedkin jumped the Shark in '75.


I love the visual aides on the counter-recommendations this month.


I’ve tried several times to get into the piece of entertainment that won the Patreon request this month. Maybe it getting picked this month will give me the extra push to try one more time.


Come on, Tom. You just know you wanted to belch loudly after slurping the foam off of that beer. :)

And then flick a cigarette at the camera.


I am behind on the videos. To answer Tom, Yellowstone really is a boring place. It also stinks.


Look at it … Look at it !

This is not a comedy ! It’s a deliberation about how far you are willing to go for ‘success’. What sacrifices you are willing to make. (Non preachy, but sometimes funny!)


But look at the way the little bird perched on Steve Martin’s binoculars is leaning down to peer into the lens! Just imagine how wacky that must look from Martin’s perspective. He’s peering at some distant point trying to discern whether that speck is a bird he’s looking for and suddenly – WAAAH! – there’s a giant bird face in his view! Oh, for fun’s sake!



It does seem to reside maybe one notch above the Adam Sandler Circle in Dante’s lesser known Inferno for Movies.


Yeah, exactly - it’s got Steve Martin - how can it not be a comedy? :-)

I’m not saying it’s the best movie in the world, but it is a really nice, down-to-earth (as Hollywood goes) drama. Well worth your time …


Thing is - if you go in expecting it to be a crazy comedy, you’d be severly dissapointed…

Leave expectations at the door …