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Shopgirl would like to speak with you. (And yes, I know you were making the exact opposite point.)


So would Father of the Bride 2.

@FreeTheGluten, you know how an insect with bright colors sends all the signals that it is poisonous in nature?

That movie, via it’s casting is saying, “Navaronegun, this is poisonous to you”.


Hey, what’s life without a little risk?

It might turn out to be another Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

(that is; it’s not that good - just much better than you’d expect :-)


Is this a “take the piss out of birders because they’re weird geeks” kind of comedy, or a “birders would love this because they’d relate to it” kind of comedy? My wife would enjoy the latter, but if it’s the former the remote is going through the TV screen


You know that it will tick off real Birders, Krok…however it goes, it won’t be “right”.


I always thought Steve Martin was a much better actor than he was a comedian.
Dramatic actor, even.
“Pennies From Heaven”, for instance.


And The Spanish Prisoner. He is. But he has made nothing but “family friendly” dreck for the last, what 20 years?


True, but there are “birders” and “twitchers” (the former love birds, the latter love ticking boxes). My wife’s the former, she’s a biologist who doesn’t like to associate with bird nerds (as she calls them) but she gets lumped in with them regardless.


We used to live in Southern Arizona, Bisbee area. BIG Birder community there (Sky Islands). Birder tourism too. They get picky. :)


I think your wife would enjoy it :-)


Haha - I saw The Trigger Effect after watching this month’s video. Terrible movie but Ms. Shue’s tank top made it worthwhile.

Just kidding

Totally not kidding


You should add Cocktail to the list then.


Ha ha, bewbs.


Since I remembered tonight to update my subscription, a little reminder:

If you have Amazon Prime you have Twitch Prime and can subscribe to tomchick which gives him a few dollars. His twitch channel is fun too.


Gives him videos? What sort of videos. I have zero knowledge of Twitch, but I do have Amazon Prime.

Finally getting caught up on the RR videos, and gotta say a big thanks to @krayzkrok and @tomchick! Loved that review.

I love watching the videos just to hear what people are interested in, and to see how Tom interacts with those interests. Very cool!


I fixed it, I meant dollars. It’s easy to do:


I’m not a Twitch guy, but if it helps Tom I have to do this.


Wow! I would never have known. Done! Thanks, @Lantz!


Glad you enjoyed it @Hal9000, it was great fun to plan and execute. Perhaps we can do a sequel next year where @tomchick gets to swim with Smaug and present him with two possible choices through ports in the underwater barrier. Nothing could go wrong.


I’m glad you guys remind us about the prime twitch subscriptions. I wouldn’t use it but the least I can do is give it to Tom.