REQUEST: Here's how you can help support Quarter to Three!


I’ll be buying stuff regularly from Amazon and I’d want some of the money given to Tom instead of Jeff Bezos. I used to see Amazon referral link here but it’s no longer available anymore? How do I buy stuff from Amazon while benefiting QT3?


We can’t post a general link, so you have to click on a specific product either here in the forums, or at the end of a review. Once you get to Amazon that way, any additional shopping you do supports the site!

For instance:

That’s the latest thing that @Brooski forced me to get – forced me! – by telling me how good it is. Even if you don’t get it, if you use that as a way to hop over to Amazon for other shopping, you’re supporting the site.



Now I need to get Fifth Season. Love the review request vids.


If you support Tom on Patreon but don’t get emails when he posts something there, you might want to check his Patreon page out.


Tom is the best at posting on Patreon. :D


Hey @tomchick, I listened to my inner Médicis and became a supporter, but I’m wondeting if there is a similar way to have you benefit from my Amazon shopping on the canadian version if the store?


I’ve wanted that for years @JFLS.


It doesn’t allow that?


It is actually possible to do it via OneLink and a Discourse component embedding Amazon’s widget, but this isn’t widely done and it seems a bit risky as Amazon goes after affiliates who violate any of their labyrinthine rules.


All Hail Bezos the King.


It is right to give him thanks and praise.

(just did my annual “assuage the parents” Catholic mass and now all that creepy call and response stuff is banging around in my head)


“Lift up your hearts, minds and wallets.”

“We lift them up to The Bezos.”


I kind of figure that the hassle is greater than the benefits.

@marquac, what do you think about sending Tom some Canadian Tire money instead?


My favorite Bezos thing is that he looks like a maniac in EVERY picture. He has such an expressive face!


Jeff “Jim Jones” Bezos.

Now the hit squad will come to my house and shoot me in the face…


Send him some Ice Capps and Timbits from Tim Hortons, he will like them almost as much as Sarah Palin.


Uuugh, that would not be a very nice thing to do. A foie gras poutine would be a much better gift, but I don’t think that is legal anymore in California.



Nothing a Ghost concert can’t fix. ;)


is the upper-right-corner patreon icon broken for anyone else?