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It was, it should be fixed now.


seems still broken for me… I will check again tomorrow (the link is ok, just not the icon which is 404 –



Sorry, forgot to change it on other theme components as well. Should be ok now.


@tomchick It’s looking like Patreon might have some rough waters ahead. Might be worth paying attention to where this goes. It turns out that VC firms are greedy.

You’ll have to click through to read the various tweets and articles associated with this one.


Okay but more importantly, Patreon was founded by the guy from Pomplamoose!? 🤯


Yes. Welcome to 6 years ago. :)

Back then, as now, making a living from YouTube videos was difficult and unreliable. Hence Patreon.


Sounds like instead of raising VC, Patreon should have set up a Patreon for themselves.