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Well, I can still use my bookmarks to the forum after I’ve started on the front page, so that’s no problem: consider it done.

As for the adds not being visible: that is a problem: I definitely see adds sometimes, but by no means always. Is there any way for me to check if this is accidently caused by something on my end? Preferably someway simple enough for me to understand? Edit: and solve?


Patreon is pretty great.

Shameless Patreon Plug of my own podcast.

Born in the Eighties

Also, I backed Tom, so… that is my justification for posting that.

Patreon is really easy to use, and a lot of awesome music/podcast/website creators are using it, it really rocks.

Brian Rubin is using it too.

Spacey Gamey Stuff

(Now people won’t yell at me)

I love Patreon so much more than kickstarter too, because backers can stop at any month or time, and it encourages producers to keep content coming out at a steady clip.


Well, this is my first patron ever. I spent way too much time here, even now that I actually AM busy at work. Its just a measly 5 bucks a month, but many measly 5 bucks a month hopefully helps eventually!


You’re building a PC like, every ten months?


Yeah, that graduate degree couldn’t have been THAT useless ;)


Although I mostly lurk and although I don’t use an AdBlocker for this site, I was moaning to myself that there just aren’t any good American gaming magazines anymore, so I pledged what I would have spent to subscribe to one. Take that, media conglomerates!


The 20 (ish) PCs was a fair bit of hyperbole. It feels like 20 PCs but really since the i7 the new PC = new video card. By the way I am by no means building anything. I buy off the rack and installing a new video card is still in the “I cant believe that worked” realm for me.


Tom, thanks for posting the video, I enjoyed seeing it, though it made me realize how much older we both are then when we met in 2007. For some reason the “confirm” step didn’t work on Android but worked fine when I switched to my desktop.


Count me as one who does not always see ads in QT3. It appears or not at a seemingly random way. weird.


Pledged, happy to help.


I make a point of not using an ad-blocker because I know seeing ads for some crappy F2P games is supporting this site. I even occasionally click on some links just for the hell of it.


Same. I don’t rock an adblocker and the only extension in chrome that I’m running is BackStop and yet I only see ads on QT3 perhaps 20% of the time.


I don’t know what is going on, but now I remember why I enabled adblocking for QT3… it is very often, that some flash script stopped working and my firefox browser hangs, I need to kill the flash plugin in the task manager… I backed QT3 with patreon, and I wouldn’t mind the ads if they would not freeze my browser… anyone else experience this? I remember it was always like that for me…


Yeah, happened to me. My Mac fan would start blowing like crazy and activity monitor showed that the shockwave plugin is using really high CPU.


I had a Firefox crash like that just yesterday or the day before, hmm. Maybe I’ll just go the Patreon route after all and turn Adblock back on.


I just disabled ad block for this site.

Edit: boy I forgot how annoying ads are.


Both on my PC and my Mac, a lot of my troubles went away when I uninstalled all of the Macromedia plugins bloat. And the good surprise was none of the sites I visit seem to rely on them anymore. Actually, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the name of a single site that seem to require any of those plugins, nowadays. I suggest you try it!

Edit: Now that I think about it, maybe this is why I don’t see any ads on this site while Adblock is turned off…


Yes, the same thing happens to me if I stay on the Qt3 front page for more than a minute. So I try to read what I can quickly and go to the forums before the flash plugin in firefox crashes.


OK, I just joined the Patreon. Turning Adblock back on, at least for the front page.


Is anyone else having trouble with Patreon not playing nice with Paypal? I’m guessing it’s something to do with the card that’s backstopping my Paypal balance, but not sure…