ReRoll - the entire world is your playground

No, that’s not their slogan but it seems to be what they are promising in this “survival RPG”:

Can they pull it off? Do they really need to do all of this that they are promising?

The initial idea is a lot smaller, and I think it will stay in that small area. While the bigger idea is fun and interesting, I think its just a gimmick they’ll never get done.

I wonder when the bubble will burst on these games. There are so many of them now.

There isn’t much that they are promising. Just some nebulous open world survival game. There wasn’t any gameplay there, just hype. I just saw a lot of dudes with weapons. So will you build stuff? Will it be limited to weapons and armor or can you create a home or fortress? Is it just some kind of giant open world PVP FPS type of game? Who knows, they didn’t give any clue as to the game-play beyond scavenging for “stuff”.