Rescue Me finale help! (SPOILERS)

My Tivo didn’t get the last couple of minutes of the finale. Please tell me what happened after Sean and Probie saw the caretaker wiping down the Virgin Mary statue. Please!

60 views and nothing? C’mon, help a brother out?

Would it be better if I added something stupid Bush said/did and put it in P&R?

All I remember is the last scene; I’m not sure if there were any more between that and the church scene. Teddy takes a gun and goes to wait on the train platform with Tommy’s father while Tommy waits in the truck. As he’s sitting there, Jesus appears and starts telling him what a bad idea this is. Jesus asks Tommy if this is how he wants to remember his only son, with an act of violence. Then Jesus disappears and Tommy sits there for a second, before getting out of the truck and running to stop Teddy. However he doesn’t make it, and arrives just in time to watch the man who killed his son being shot. Then Tommy just turns and walks away.

if you wait a couple days they will have a ~9-14 page recap of the ep.

I still really like this show, but Jesus, someone needs to give the writers a Xanax or something because it has taken a markedly sharp turn towards darkness.

On a lighter note, that Andrea Roth – complete uber-MILF.

And she was a guest on the greatest unappreciated TV show of all time – Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

Yeah, these last few eps have really been downers.

How much of an Oedipal complex would you have if you were the cousin’s kid? Your mom is this busty hottie, who’s now a lesbian nailing this hardbody blonde and they hang around in the backyard in bikinis rubbing each other…

At the very least you’d create a new viral website,

Thanks for the help, guys.

Wow, Rescue Me ended. I loved the finale and the whole series, really.I am pretty sad it’s over.

Damn right , and what a great season this was, loved the entire final episode, esp the devil’s food cake part. The opening was also an OMG moment.

Gonna miss him!

I am really gonna miss Lou, he reminds me of myself in so many ways. One hell of a way to go out, holding that door shut keeping his guys alive.

The scene in Tommys truck , followed by Mike’s vortex comment had me laughing so hard I was crying.

Oh and the bagpipes send off, was also very smile worthy! :)

This for me was one of the last real “manly” shows on TV, and it will be a huge void to fill.

What song did the bagpipes play that made them smile? I didn’t get it.


Ah, yes.