Research 4 work: Games released per year?

Er, daunting task falls to lone gamer in the office…


How would one go about determining this? World wide, all markets. Sheer numbers are mildy useful, but we really need to compile a database by publisher, title, platform, region, composer and year released.

Any advice on where to start?

Does NPD collect that data?

(totally ignorant, just a shot in the dark)

If you were willing to assume that Moby Games is relatively accurate, you can look at the total entries per year (which looks to be slightly over a thousand):

Moby is one area I pointed them to already but isnt quite as all encompassing as we wanted.

Trying to avoid the NPD (only n. america anyways right?) since we are a non profit and I’m sure they will want some dough.

thanks though, keep 'em coming!