Reservation Dogs - Taika Waititi, Sterlin Harjo, juvenile delinquents

Watched the first episode last night and I really like this show. The kids are irreverent houligans, but also sympathetic and have a great camaraderie. The tone reminds me strongly of Stephen Graham Jones’s writing, but without the horror.

I like it so far, as to the tone it definitely feels like a Taika Waititi project, there’s both Hunt for the Wilderpeople and JoJo Rabbit DNA in this.

Thanks for highlighting this! I had no idea it even existed. I watched the first two episodes (the only ones available right now, on Hulu anyway). Very good. Definitely a Waititi vibe, but also it’s own thing.

I tried finding it on YouTube TV on the FX channel and came up empty. I wonder if it’s only on Hulu?

FX and Hulu did a deal where there’s a bunch of FX stuff that’s specific to Hulu, yeah.

Anybody else still watching this? I like it quite a bit, the whole low-key almost-documentary-style kids having adventures thing. Last episode wasn’t my favorite, the whole beaded necklace thing felt a bit forced.

Greasy fry bread, greasy greasy fry bread…

Yeah, thought the most recent episode was kind of weak, especially coming off of the previous weeks episode with the uncle which I think was the best so far.

Really enjoyed the first season overall. Wasn’t expecting Bill Burr to show up in the 2nd to last episode. Zahn CcClarnon gets to show a bit of his comedic side.

I watched the first episode of this. Man, what a great start. It’s so cool to see a situation that seems so bleak, but you can just feel that the show will hopefully take you to a better place.

I watched the first season of this show twice. Loved it!

5 Episodes in now, and really loving this show.