Resident Evil 1 Wiimake gets US release

Motion controls added, no word on what other upgrades or changes might be included, if any. Hopefully we’re talking the minimalist motion controls in RE4, and not the flagrant dumbassery present in RE:Umbrella Chronicles (not really a valid direct comparison, more meant in the spirit of understanding the balance between what the player should be focusing on in a game to have fun and Nintendo Wii bullet point filler). If so, I’m cautiously optimistic, much more than I am for the sequel to the lightgun game that’s also coming for the Wii. Maybe I’ll have a reason to charge those Wiimotes again.

I’ve seen videos on youtube of the Japanese versions of these Wii ports. To me it looks like the Wiimote is only used to steer … replacing the thumbpad or left analog stick of the GC controller. There doesn’t look to be any aiming being down with the Wiimote ala RE4.

I don’t know if this would make it any easier to control or justify buying RE1 & RE0 over again when the Gamecube versions should play just fine in the Wii using a Gamecube controler.