Resident Evil 2 REmake (turning zombies into jam)


I played the demo last night, had a lot of fun with it. I really like the updates to the controls, it would have been really difficult to go back to static camera angles and the whole “push up to go forward” control scheme. I’ll definitely be picking this up but probably down the road. Too much good stuff coming out in the next month or so.


Ahead of the remake releasing this week, Polygon has a feature about the original Resident Evil 2’s troubled development, including interviews with Shinji Mikami and Hideki Kamiya. A must read for fans for fans of the series!


Eurogamer recommends it.


Yeah, I think it’s going to be just fine.


And watch RE8 be an open world action-fest with base building and featuring unlockable Capcom characters like Mega Man, Chun-Li, Dante and Phoenix Wright.


I watched a few reviews and I think I’m going to have a hard time not grabbing this game this week. Every review I’ve read has just been glowing about how great the game is.

60 bucks for something I’ll only probably run through once for 15-20 hours is the only thing holding me back.


Ya no I couldn’t resist. I may try and connect from NZ once my freaking 9:30 PM conference call ends. It’s 40 something on GMG btw.


I’m watching Tom play this on his stream right now. I want to play this game. I can wait until after the deluge of big games coming out is over, but I definitely want to play this game.


It’s absurd how stacked Q1 is. I hope publishers realize that I’ll be all out of money for the rest of the year after Resi 2, Sekiro, Devil May Cry 5, and Metro Exodus release.

Looking forward to jumping into the remake tonight. I remember renting the first one with a buddy when we were in primary school, and attempting to play through the game without a memory card - now that was scary!


Only played a bit so far, but what I have seen is really well done. The lighting and sound is just awesome.


It’s a great remake. It does exactly what it’s supposed to.

Two remade thumbs up.

EDIT: Random comment - There were no USB keys in 1998… FAIL!



I love this remake to death

Also, I keep watching this and dying laughing



Oh hell yeah. I was wondering if there was going to be any more DLC.

The game is great, but what’s in the remake is mostly what was also in the original. So something comepletely new is much appreciated.

Very “retro” costumes also incoming:

Speaking of DLC, the "deluxe " edition stuff is pretty cool. I really like the sheriff costume and the original music and sound DLC brings the old music, which somehow sounds better to me.

Plus, I didn’t think I’d be this happy to hear the old “glourp” sound effect again.


Some global stats about the game:

80% of players choose Leon first. So did I.


Way back when I played the original I choose Claire first. I dunno why, but it kinda worked out in the end as playing as Leon second AKA Side B was better because it is definitely the more interesting playthrough and I no longer have to worry about escorting anyone.


Wait, wasnt Claire side B? I think i played Leon originally because it was the first disc.


There are “2 paths” and “4 playthrough” variations

Leon A > Claire B
Claire A > Leon B

The B Side is longer and gives you the final ending.