Resident Evil 2 REmake (turning zombies into jam)


Is there no topic for this? It’s looking pretty good, they really got excited with the gore, though:

The game reuses RE 7’s engine and menu scheme, but has a 3rd person style most similar to Revelations 2. It’s not the Gun Fu extravaganza of RE 5 and 6 (boo!). The main draw is that zombies, while now back at just being slow shamblers, just refuse to go down and can have individual limbs shot off.


Really looking forward to this one, loved RE2 back in the day and I’m eager to revisit it. Haven’t been a fan of RE lately, but I did enjoy RE7 in VR. It’s a shame there is no VR with this one.


I guess I shouldn’t be, but I’m surprised that this is getting full price. I’m interested in playing this, but not sixty dollars interested.


It seems like a full price kind of game. It’s a complete remake, in a completely different game engine. Also, a lot of things seem to have been switched around from the original, much like the first REmake was. In fact, the first REmake was so enormously better that it’s probably the best remake ever made IMO, so let’s hope they still have the hang of it.

According to the article, typewriters and ink ribbons are optional. Double boo!


I don’t want to pay full price for this either…but I probably will. This was my 2nd favorite RE after RE 4 and this remake is looking incredible.

I hope it does well enough to justify an RE 3 remake.


Those preorder DLC costumes are looking pretty good:


The game I’m most looking forward to play in 2019. So hyped for this :)


This remake looks phenomenal. I can’t wait to play it next month.


The one-shot demo is live on PSN and XBox Live. I played through the 30 minute demo on Xbox already. Over Christmas/New Years I took my PS4 to my parent’s place for everyone to play, so I need to get that back one of these days, and play through another 30 minutes now that I know where things are. I figure I can get farther into the demo the second time around.


Huh, so you can only play the demo a single time for 30 minutes. That’s kind of annoying.

EDIT: The game is very dark, so moving around is terribly disorienting, even with a flashlight. Especially with a flashlight, since the glare creates a tunnel effect. I’ve had to use the map just to find out where I am inside the room I’m currently in. So that bit leaves a bad first impression.


Of course, demo “speedruns” have already started.

Oh, so that really was the end of the demo. I wasn’t sure. So I guess I did finish it after all, with about 10 seconds to spare. Phew!


Can’t wait for this. Looks good. Hope RE8 goes back to this perspective, was in no hurry to get 7 die to being 1st person.


You know, from the way the demo starts in the police station, you’d think this is also the way the main game is going to start.

I hope they kept the first little segment on the street. That was pretty cool and the scariest part of the game IMO.


I played the demo last night, had a lot of fun with it. I really like the updates to the controls, it would have been really difficult to go back to static camera angles and the whole “push up to go forward” control scheme. I’ll definitely be picking this up but probably down the road. Too much good stuff coming out in the next month or so.