Resident Evil 5 to haunt X360, PS3 (duh)

However, today Capcom announced that Resident Evil 5 is coming to Microsoft’s next-generation console, the Xbox 360, as well as Sony’s PlayStation 3. The announcement came in the form of a press release on the English-language section of the Investor Relations part of Capcom’s Japanese corporate Web site.

Can’t say it’s a big surprise. When is Nintendo going to finally completely unveil their complete console so developers can start announcing their next-gen sequels for the Revolution?

As soon as they get the brain hook up device working correctly.

Didn’t you see the Nintendo On video?

Didn’t you see the Nintendo On video?[/quote]

Yup, right after I finished work on my revised version of the Jetpack 3000.

Didn’t you see the Nintendo On video?[/quote]

You know that’s fake, don’t you?

Dude, it had the official logo.

Nintendo is worrying me.

I’d be interested to know as well, but more out of curiosity to see what developers actually will start announcing next-gen stuff for Revolution.

Do you think that could really be an issue? That a lot of 3rd party developers refuse to develop for the platform and force Nintendo into a Dreamcast-like situation with major publishers refusing to release games for the platform because the “revolution” in the new console makes it too much of a hassle to develop for it? It happened this gen with LucasArts and Eidos, so it does seem worryingly possible that Nintendo’s controller could cause even more lack of publisher support. I hope these worries are overblown.

What controller? The crazy mind control one that allows you to control Samus by jumping around your living room? Dude, that’s fake. As if any PR company would produce a video that plodding and amateurish.

Dude, the Lo. Go.

I don’t know if it’s going to be an issue or not, that’s why I’m curious. Mostly I’m basing this on the fact that there were some 3rd party titles that started only showing up on Xbox and PS2 late in the Gamecube’s life. Didn’t they lose Madden or something? That’s one of those “So what?” things around here, but it’s a big deal to the masses that buy systems. And then the whole Capcom fiasco, which went from something like “The six greatest games in the world are being developed by Capcom exclusively for the Gamecube!” to three years later with only a couple of them being released at all I think, and the only great one (RE4) ending up on PS2 eventually anyway. So now with Capcom saying nothing about RE5 for the Revolution, I wonder if it’s because there’s no Revolution info, or because they don’t have any plans for it regardless.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not especially happy that things went that way for the Gamecube, I’m more indfferent because I know Nintendo will keep doing their thing anyway, and that’s all I’d ever want out of a Nintendo system. I just wonder if the Revolution will be the final nail in the third-party-coffin for N, or if it will bring everyone running back to it.

Heh I know that one was a fake. I’m talking about whether the controller they’re designing for the Revolution could be so “revolutionary” that it’d make porting games to the Revolution a pain in the ass.

I dunno, making the Revolution controller so different that it turns off third party developers makes the Revolution and its games a niche product, which I think would end up being more trouble for Nintendo than it’s worth. It really sounds as if they don’t really give a shit about strong third party support. At least that’st the impression I keep getting. Are there actually third party Revolution devkits out there? Because I really doubt first party support with minimal third party support can keep the Revolution going.

The 64 survived with very little third party support.

I find it hard to believe this hoary chestnut is the only RE5 non racial issues thread, but it’s the best I could turn up. The important thing is that the man in charge has an extended interview up, and it has a lot of interesting stuff about the game and some great clips I hadn’t seen.

I’m still bummed about the lack of a Wii version, but I expect Capcom to somehow capitalize on Resident Wiivil’s greatness eventually.

Is that the URL you actually meant to post?

I have no idea if thats what he wanted, but there’s been a dev interview up on gamersyde for a while. and you can stay a virgin if you go there

Jesus, no. And here I was wondering why no one cared about RE5.

Awww, I was afraid to click that url from work, but now I’ve lost the chance for a revealing insight into the world of Lizard King! I should’ve copied it for later.