Resident Evil 5 to haunt X360, PS3 (duh)

I knew there was no getting away from it. Enjoy! [NWS]

My understanding is that the N64 did pretty piss poor, as did the GameCube.

if that’s surviving, I rather put it out of it’s misery!.

Thanks for posting the Capcom link, LK. I’m glad Capcom’s marketing crew is just as willing to get cheesy as the production teams–that shot of the producer pensively contemplating a tableful of guns was worth the price of admission!

I was also glad to hear about a RE CG movie–RE4 was the first RE game I played, and one of the things I loved was the absurdly convoluted backstory. It’ll be great to see Capcom continue to (over)develop that.

Well, they’ve toned it down a lot. I think Code Veronica was the peak of weird there, but that’s a closely fought contest.

One of the reasons I bought Umbrella Chronicles was to be able to relive the ridiculous storylines with a comparatively painless interface (there’s no going back to old style RE for me). Suffice it to say that game was irretrievably broken for me, and I guess the RE Zero Wiimake is Japan only (and probably for the best, given that they don’t seem to be putting that much work into it). I don’t know if I could ever care enough to see the story divorced from the games, but who knows.

So, like I said, I’m still pumped about RE5. That interview was exciting. I just have a tough time envisioning going back to the twin analog sticks for this series.

I guess it depends upon how you look at it. I don’t recall the specifics of the N64 but the Gamecube (despite not selling a large amount of units by PS2 standards) turned an impressive overall profit for Nintendo, while the Xbox 1 was a multibillion dollar loss for Microsoft (something like 5 or 6 billion over its lifetime).

RE5 has online drop in coop, cover system, dodging (no strafing), etc

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What could make black people even more dangerous?!?

Why black people on motorcycles of course!

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Game looks fantastic in the latest trailer.


The demo for this game is apparently up on Xbox Live.

… But only in Japan, or Japanese Xbox Live accounts, I guess, but I’ve never bothered to create one of those.

Here are the steps needed to set up a Japanese Live Gold account, and download the demo. I’m actually tempted. If they don’t offer me a free month of Gold, I do still have a free month of Gold from the last time my 360 came back from repair.

Thanks. I followed those steps and am currently downloading from the Japanese marketplace.

Warning: Don’t play this demo unless you’re willing to know how awesome this game is and then have to wait until March to play it. Fuckin’ a awesome, especially in co-op… just preordered 2 copies from Amazon.

I didn’t even know you could preorder it. I think this was the heart of the long term plan when we originally invested in a second xbox this year. I think I’ll avoid the demo, though, but thanks for the preview.

dammit, hopefully they’ll tag on free release day shipping like they have for some other titles. Otherwise, it’s another manic rush to the store.

new “viral” trailer(I don’t know what the correct term is, I guess it’s a teaser or something?). I was sold on this game months ago, but that’s a good trailer, in a RE kind of way.

Yeah, the demo is great. At least once I got accustomed to the controls. The only thing I miss is being able to walk slowly while shooting, but it’s a non-issue really. And the game looks awesome.

Yeah getting used to the controls took a while, it doesn’t help that the demo just drops you deep into the shit and you have to try to learn the feel of the controls while you’re fighting off the mutant hordes. One would expect that like RE4 the full game will have a couple of minor encounters before the intro village level.

How do the controls compare to Dead Space? Are you still rooted in place while aiming your weapon, like in RE4?