Resident Evil GC (REmake) question

So, I finally got around to playing this on my Wii. Man, this game is absolutely gorgeous, even by today’s standards.

Anyhow, quick question:

My inventory is currently full, right in the beginning of the game. There is a key object I need to pick up, but I can’t figure out how to drop anything in my inventory. How do you get rid of objects?

You put them in the chests in the various safe rooms.

Toss em in a magical item bin near savepoints. You’ll be making trips to them quite often in this game.

You can’t just drop stuff at will, but you can deposit things in the big crates scattered throughout the game, which have unlimited space, and are usually next to a save typewriter. I can’t recall where the first one is off the top of my head, though.

Hmm… I can’t find one near the first save. If it jogs the memory, it’s in a long dining room with the balcony above it where you push the statue off it and smash it on the ground…

I’m sorry man, it’s been too long :(

My memory is also fuzzy on the game. The closest storage chest that I can remember is

spoiler warning:

Go thru the room on the first floor where you have to push a crate to reach a pot on top of a statue. Go thru the hallway and follow it. You should come to an area with a door and a stairway leading up, that door is where a storage room is at.
I don’t remember if the doors are locked in the remake.

The easiest storage room to get to in the REmake is on the east side of the mansion, through the “dog hallway” and at the end of the subsequent hall of doors. I think that’s also the door with a broken knob, though, so you can only go through it a couple of times before the lock breaks.

Christ. This thread really reminds me of why I don’t care that the Zero Wiimake is Japan only. I love RE, but it has not aged well.

I was never a big Rez Evil fan before this came out on the GCN, but this one made me a convert. Played the Wii version a bit when a friend got it and I really liked the aiming.

Seems like a new Rez Evil on the Wii with the same engine is a no-brainer, but I haven’t seen an announcement…

Wii version? Do you mean Resident Evil 4 and the later Wii version? It’s the only one that’s been converted (and very well, I might add) to Wii controls AFAIK, and it had already addressed a lot of what pissed me off about Resident Evil in the original PS2/GC version.

If so, I just want to make clear that I was only commenting on older RE’s before 4. 4 is a totally different animal, possibly the best game I’ve played on my Wii despite having already crushed it when it came out on the PS2.

The only RE Wii project apart from the rather grim Umbrella Chronicles half assed lightgun game that already came out is the upcoming RE: Zero port that I was referring to. Which is no big loss as I share the concerns in that link but moreso upon being reminded how these older games were.

Yes, I meant Rez Evil 4. That’s the one I like, though I haven’t played Umbrella Chronicles (but I understand that it’s a different type of game altogether). So, sorry for the derail.

Anyway, I’m just wishing for another game in the Rez Evil 4 mode.

RE5 sounds like it’ll be that game.

It’s to be hoped. But I have to admit that Resident Wiivil really sold me on the model for that console, and I am consequently less optimistic about a ps3/360 only RE5. Not enough to keep me from buying it day one, but enough to make me prematurely dissatisfied with it.

The RE4 play mechanics translated really well to Wii, but they worked quite nicely on GC/PS2 previously. I wouldn’t be so down on a HD update that features analog stick aiming just yet.

I hope to see the power of the hardware being used for something greater than a spitshine to the textures(:ahem: Ratchet PS3). I want Dead Rising ‘parking garage’ zombie mayhem with that gunplay.

Yeah, post-RE4, I doubt I can ever go back to “Hey, I only have 8 inventory slots and can’t drop anything! Also, this camera bites!” land.

RE:UC is basically a rail shooter. I’d say “lightgun game,” except even with the Wii Zapper, it isn’t a proper lightgun.

Same, I own RE 1 remake,and 0 and have played all the past REs and since 4 I can’t stand to play them anymore. I know the chance of this happening is zero, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a RE4 style remake to the gamecube games.

For sure. I imagine Capcom will milk that when appropriate, but who knows. Anyways, I loved the PS2 version, but the Wii version is sublime, that’s all, and I’d love to see a special shitty graphics edition of 5 for the Wii.

I’m such a weirdo, as I didn’t like 4 as much as everyone else. I mean, it’s still good, but not as good as most of the rest of the series IMO. I should probably try the Wii version. I’d rank them:

  1. RE 2
  2. Code Veronica
  3. RE 1 (original or GC remake)
  4. RE 4
  5. RE 3

Further, there’s a gap between 2 and everything else. None of the others come close to it for me, though I still like the rest of the series a lot.

I’ve heard alot people say that 2 was their favorite, one of my friends who was a RE expert loved 2 (way before 4 was even announced). I thought I remember hearing somewhere that Capcom was planning on remaking Re 2, never heard any followup to that rumor.