Resident Evil: Outbreak

Okay, so I read a preview of this that said it will be an online multiplayer game wherein players will essentially take on the roles of the classic motley crew of characters (8 total; 4 in play per session) found in “survival horror” type movies. Everyone starts out as strangers and they have to team up to fight off the zombie hordes. It sounds like it addresses a lot of the things that some of us on another thread were saying we wanted in a zombie game. You can even get bitten/infected, and have a limited amount of time before you become a zombie.

I think it’s a great premise for an online game, and I’m hoping it does well so that more stuff like it gets made. I have no interest in MMORPGs or online shooters, but the idea of sitting down for an evening’s entertainment that consists of basically playing a character in a horror movie really appeals to me.

The real-world setting, the cooperative aspect, and the idea that the players/characters start off as strangers to one another is brilliant, since it necessitates a default minimum level of role-playing. The gameplay would have to be good, of course, realistic and tense and ideally non-linear, but if I hear more good things about Outbreak I might just have to try it out when the time comes.

I’m with ya there. It’s a very intriguing premise and a great use of online capabilities beyond the clamshell character progression structure or arena deathmatch that online has been catering towards previously.

I also think the new Syphon Filter game is very promising allowing a similar 4-player co-operative online mode to progress through the campaign.

This is the beginning of a trend I am extremely excited about. Why play alone anymore?

One point in there that sounds really cool is that now they’re saying if your character become a zombie you WILL be able to control them, which is the opposite of what I heard about the game before. BRAINS…BRAAAIIINSSSS

I think then it quickly turns into:
Step one: get eaten on purpose
Step two: deathmatch with the other players

I think then it quickly turns into:
Step one: get eaten on purpose
Step two: deathmatch with the other players[/quote]

Did you even play the previous RE’s before? Zombies are slow, real slow. They don’t take a lot of health when you actually get bitten by them (unless you let them like an idiot)

I think the point is to have an all-player-zombie deathmatch (undeathmatch?).

Capture the Brain!

This game sounds interesting. But is it first person? Or is it meant to be played in the usual RE way? Too bad it isn’t for PC. My guess is its like Hunter… which was pretty cool.


The File #2 servers are officially down as of April 1st. Apparently, the first game’s servers are still live, though.