Resident Evil: Village - The 8th game

New trailer:

I really dig the faux-stop motion.

It also feels very Bloodborne. Might as well steal from the best, right?

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare of Mensis

Those outdoor environments are gorgeous. May have to start playing RE 7 soon; didn’t realize this was a direct sequel.

Some stuff from the Tokyo Game Show:

It’s mostly the same as the video above. They also announce RE’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Apparently there will be more ways to “find your own solutions” in this game. I wonder if it’s just PR guff or if you’ll have more control over the sequence of events. There’s going to be money and a store, so I assume that at least you’ll be able to choose your “build”, just like RE 4.

I love Resident Evil 7.
My girlfriend hates video games and won’t have anything to do with them.
Imagine my surprise a couple of years ago when I was playing RE7 in the living room with her quietly reading a book on the sofa behind me. A couple hours into the game, and she starts giving me advice, and telling me to move to one side while I play so she can see. She starts scolding me for making stupid moves; starts telling me where to go and what to do.

I understand a lot of folks didn’t like RE7, but I gotta give it mad props for single-handedly getting my girlfriend into a game. And I mean, she was really into it.

After a few nights of playing this way, I moved on to another game, like I usually do, and she has been giving me crap for it ever since. She was really into the story of RE7, and to this day, she still asks me once in a while to play it again so we can finish it. But it’s been so long, I’m pretty certain I’ve forgotten things and would need to start over. Not that that would be terrible or anything.

Tall Goth lady already spawning lots of fan art and reactions


I like her already. She’s like Mr.X in heels.

I’m really hyped for this.

Love that the thumbnail is capitalizing on the tall lady hype. Releasing May 7th, 2021! :)

Maiden demo, exclusively for PS5 should be available here:

Also, multiplayer.

More stuff at this page, including more gameplay footage:

Tried out the demo last night. Really impressive! I died near the end of the demo though…


I really prefer the one with legs and the guy looking up, though the guy should have been the i and not one of the Ls.

I don’t know what’s going on here