Resin figure self-promotion!

A while back, I started reading designer toy blogs, and thought they were pretty great. That led to me messing with “toy” sculpting and casting resin. I came up with a design I liked, and I thought it would be fun to make a product and try to sell a few.

I finally put a site up at, and I sure will be pleased if you take a look! I’m also happy to discuss anything about the figures or what I’ve learned so far about casting.

These guys are awesome and they deserve pictures in this thread:

Hope you sell lots, Nathan!


Ok this guy is awesome.

And your site has great personality! “That is to say that they’re made at my craft table in my living room.”

I’m just amazed you managed to perfect the manufacturing process and can maintain a consistent 14.7psi during casting!

For quality control, I check my barometer daily, and only cast on days that it reads approximately 30".

That may not be true.

(It isn’t.)

Let me know when Peggytsu joins the resin family.

These look great. I like that they come with a sticker sheet. Also, this is funny in a cute way.

I also had the impression that I could make my own for cheaper than I could buy new figures. That is one of the least accurate calculations I’ve ever made.


Those are awesome. I’d like to try that sometime. I’ve made a bunch of figures with modeling clay, but never resin.

That’s pretty much step one, at least the way I’m doing it: Everything I’m making is sculpted in Super Sculpey, originally.

The facial features are, of course, “tsu” in japanese… lol

Awesomeness incarnate.