Resolutions 2021

We all know this year has been awful. Plenty of other threads about that. In fact, I should be posting in Depression 2020 but I’ve been in denial.

Let’s make 2021 a better year. I know New Year’s Resolutions are corny, and more often than not they fail. But let’s do something to unstick ourselves, or make an improvement, or somehow take control of a small aspect of our lives and better it.

Here’s mine:

I’m going to make a conscious effort to connect, or reconnect, with people. Taking initiative to meet with friends, taking a chance and trying to make new friends. But that’s an aspiration, not a clear goal. What steps can I take?

  1. Get back on social media. I rage quit in 2016 due to all the Facebook fuckery. But, this is how people in the modern world connect and communicate. I didn’t make a Facebook, but I did make an Instagram and I’d love to connect with you all. PM me if you want add each other!
  2. Organize social gatherings with my friends. Assuming we get vaccinated and open the world up again, I want to plan at least 2 real life gatherings of friends to do… something. Anything. I’ve always waited to be invited to things. I’m going to plan something and do the inviting instead this time.

So, what are yours?


  1. Survival!

  2. Ride my bike more.

  3. Get a hole in one at disc golf.

  4. Figure out how and when to retire. (Ancillary to this I have to decide when to take SS. I’m eligible next year.)

  5. Eat more green stuff, and I don’t mean green because it’s been in the back of the fridge since Obama was in office.

1080p for the foreseeable future.

Also, being a smart-ass, apparently.

On a more serious note, simply to stay employed.

Work less hours.

Eat less cookies.

This is a good one. I need a way to reconnect with old friends after this year, and this seems like a cheap way to do it, rather than taking time off work and traveling across the country.

All signs point to 2021 being a particularly difficult year here in Brazil - potentially worse than 2020 - so I’ll just do my best to survive, I guess. That also means working a bit less (if possible) and playing a bit more (if possible). And maybe I’ll finally learn to cook properly. We’ll see.

Well hop on over to the cooking thread to share your successes and failures on this journey!

We’d love to have a different take, and I’m sure you’d introduce us to many new dishes.

Maybe I will… maybe I will. ;)

Resolution #2: I’m going to get Dragon’s Lair working on my arcade cabinet. I got Golden Tee running, with trackball, last month. That brought me joy. Dragon’s Lair is next!

  1. Clean out that goddamned spare room if it kills me so help me Science
  2. Invest genuine time into a Personal Project (details vague to avoid guilt over failure)
  3. Lose 1lb (ideally 100, but even 1 would be a shift)
  4. Reconnect with three people I shouldn’t have lost track of

Resolving to have a few less of those days where overwhelming sleepiness and exhaustion runs me over multiple times between 10am and 8pm.