Rest in Peace, Biz Markie

Rest in Peace

Aw what? Man that sucks, dude was a legend!

Legit don’t think you get the Beastie Boys – or at least a Beastie Boys as interesting as the Beastie Boys were – without Biz. Yeah, his raps were funny. Yeah, he sort of was the clown of rapping. But his sample skills were amazing, and his rhymes were funny.

I really love this one hit wonderland about Biz and “Just a Friend”.

“Did Biz deserve better? ABSO FREAKIN LUTELY.”

This article goes to a 404 now and I can’t find anyone else backing it up, fyi

This is turning in to a DMX kind of situation. Either way, it sucks

Family and his publicist confirm that he passed away today. Apparently had been dealing with a lot of health issues in the last year or two.

:( RIP