Rest in Peace, Farrah

What a shame.

Movies forum? Really?

Well, as much as I’d like to go on remembering her like this:

I’m afraid she’ll always be batshit-Farrah-on-Letterman to me.

Well, I think I’m the opposite of Mr PeaCH. Despite the Letterman epsiode, the iconic red swimsuit shot is how I will remember her.

Damn. That poster was the bomb.

Indeed. It is apparently the bestselling poster of all time. This article gives an account of how it came to get made. And this article provides some additional details.

I always thought her face was a bit odd looking, skeletal almost. I mean, I thought she was pretty and sexy and all, but there was something a bit offputting about her.

Well now it’s either build the time machine or throw my virginity out the window

What a shame. Way too young to die.

Jeff, I think you’re going to have to go into the “just get it over with” camp.

Saw this on CNN, the headline read “Sex symbol Farrah Fawcett died.” I have no opinion one way or another about Ms. Fawcett (other than she was smoking hot in the 70’s), but I feel like I would have preferred “actress” in my obit headline. At least that implies you did something at some point rather than just look good for a spell.

Movies forum? Really?

Apologies. I guess she was more of a TV actress. And she was a person, so “Everything Else?”

I dunno, this seemed a fair place. It’s vaguely movie-related…

Just be ashamed already you HORRIBLE (WHY CAN’T YOU BE SMART LIKE

Not to belabor the point overly but, yeah, she was much more a TV actress than the movie type; model and Playboy Playmate were her other monikers. It didn’t even occur to me that she actually had been in any movies that were not of the made-for-TV type but of course there were a few… notably Logan’s Run and Cannonball Run.

But I was merely being snide. I actually find it humorous that QT3 has one forum for Movies and a separate one for Books, Comics, TV and Music. (Having a separate one for Games is of course completely understandable.)

That poster was indeed the bomb and I clearly remember my Mom eventually making me take that one and Lynda Carters poster down. Sad times indeed.

RIP, Farrah.

I would love for my obit to read “sex symbol.” Fat chance of that now.

Holy cow, I didn’t even realize she was in Logan’s Run.

On the other hand, Saturn 3

She graced the back of my dorm room door for a couple of years. RIP.

Yeah. I didn’t put stuff like that up on the walls while I lived at home. My mom would have been… not happy. My dad, otoh, was pretty relaxed about it. He told me one time, “just don’t leave stuff out where your mom will find it.”

Rest in peace, Farrah.

I remember wanting the the Raquel Welch poster for my room.