Rest in Peace, Mutha Fucka (Richard Pryor Dies)

Richard Pryor died today. :(

I don’t know what else to say. :(


Rest in peace, man.

Ah man. Knew it was coming, but hoped it would be later.

Rest in Peace.

Didn’t realize he had all those health problems. Anyway, one of the best of all time, rest in peace.

From what I remember he had several heart attacks in the past, perhaps connected to his abuse of alcohol and I think drugs.
Funny guy and I am sure he will be missed.
Must have been a blast to know him personaly.

Time for a leetle freebase… :(

I remember some stand up comic lighting a match on stage, blowing it out, and then jiggling the burnt match head around as it smoked. As he is doing this, his punch line is: “My imitation of Richard Pryor.”

In fact, maybe Richard Pryor was the stand up comic who did this routine. He made fun of himself all the time.



I was never particularly familiar with Pryor’s work, but I always remember that hilarious job interview / word association sketch with Chevy Chase:

“Honkey honkey!”
“DEAD honkey!”

Anyone not overly familiar with Pryor should rent his Live on the Sunset Strip DVD–one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, and a perfect representation of his storytelling genius. And he was pretty freakin’ great in “Blue Collar” too.


In his day, Pryor was gold baby.

However, this is one of those deaths where you tell someone and they say “I didn’t know he was still alive!” That was my wife’s reaction, in fact. Too many close calls. It’s amazing he made it tihs far.

" Come on, hurry up, motherfucker! See, look - all the white folks come back from Intermission to find the niggas done stole their seats!"

His MS was aggressive, and had basically left him with the same symptoms of someone in an advanced state of ALS–totally paralyzed, unable to eat or talk, completely bed-ridden. He’d been in that state for at least a year or two.

I’m sad that he’s passed, but happy that his suffering is over.

Ditto. I thought he died 10 years ago.