Rest in Peace Sidney Poitier

I was just coming here to post that. That really, really sucks. RIP

RIP. Poitier was the first, and for far too long the only, Black actor who studios would entrust to headline a movie aimed at white audiences. He blazed this trail a full two decades before we had any Will Smiths or Denzel Washingtons.

I will rewatch pretty much any movie of his when I come across one. RIP Mr. Poitier, you are a legend.

Time for a Sneakers rewatch!

That’s Sir Poitier. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth back in '74.

RIP to a charismatic actor with a fascinating career. He had such a complex role in film/American history. I learned a lot about him when I recently read the excellent Pictures at a Revolution by Mark Harris. For one thing, I discovered that he used to live right here in Pville, NY!


I know he has so many iconic roles, but I think the one that will stick with me the longest is his character in Brother John.

Such a legend of an actor, you are loved and will be missed Sir.

Man, my rational mind knows that the actors who were in their 20s and 30s in the 1960s are going to be dying off…but this still is a bummer. Time sure is unforgiving.

At any rate, gonna watch In the Heat of the Night tonight and revel in the performances.


RIP to a giant.

Here he is hanging with Harry Belafonte and Charlton Heston at the March on Washington in '63.


It’s a long way from his best work, but he added a lot to the Sneakers ensemble.

I think it was the first DVD I purchased. Akroyd was probably my favorite character.

Back when conspiracy theorists were still cute, heh.

Well the CIA director was in Managua the day before.

A friend of mine who was in Desert Storm sent this over. Of course, he was on the other side…

“Did I ever tell you why I had to leave the CIA?”

To Sir With Love!

That was my favorite Portier film also, but I couldn’t find it streaming. So I watched Lillies of the Field on Amazon prime. The film was a sweet, feel-good flick, but wow Mr Portier dominated that film, in the same way, the Meryl Streep has done. I learned today that Sidney, was tone deaf and the gospel song, which was such a key part was song by the arranger.

At the rate, we are losing celebrities and now 1,500 regulars American a day, I’m voting for declaring the Jan part of 2021. Let’s culturally appropriate Chinese New Years, (Feb 1st this year.).