Restless Reading Anxiety Syndrome (RRAS)

I figure if someone can make up Adult ADD/ADHD I can make up one. Just kidding, of course, for all of you who suffer this grave malady along with my wife, I feel for you.

Anyway, the real point is that I am looking for fellow readers who suffer an affliction where they have purchased books to read of authors who you know are good and intend to read. However, the material in question is a known quantity. While you don’t know the plot twists and turns, you know the flavor, shall we say. The problem for me is that I am always wanting to find a new world to immerse myself in and new characters whose stories in which I can get involved.

So I have Erikson left to read. I have the first of the Liveship Trader’s by Hobb. I have the 6th in the Dark Tower. (I also have Cryptonomicon, which does not really follow my theme here since I have never read another of his books, but oh well). So after reading threads, I picked up the Lies of Locke Lamora and am starting into that instead. I will read the others, but I just want something new and fresh.

Is there a pill I can take to cure this? Maybe Readalin…get it, huh do ya? Readalin…OK, that was awful.

Huh. Can’t say I have that problem. I don’t really have the opposite either, but I lean that way more than the other.

Is the Dark Tower series any good? I haven’t read any King in a long ass time, and that was one of the major titles of his that I never read. I liked the rest, just didn’t love it.

Maybe it is just me then.

The first four in the Dark Tower series are great, IMO. It took him a while to get those four out and then he took another break from the series. Then he had his near-fatal car accident. Sometime after that he decided to finish it up (or already had and he had just kept them in a safe deposit box) and the last 3 came out in, relatively, quick succession. I read the fifth and while a decent King story, it just felt kinda tacked on as far as the whole series goes.

The first four are still good on their own and I have re-read them all.

The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger (1982)
The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three (1987)
The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands (1991)
The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass (1997)
The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla (2003)
The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah (2004)
The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (2004)

The Gunslinger could have been it. That story was not written as the first in a series. The second and third picked up nicely and the fourth was a slight departure and close to an…eek…love story, but I found it to be just as engrossing if not moreso.

Then the wreck and V came out sometime after and seemed to have lost all the steam from the series. I will finish eventually and already have the last two, but I I need to be in the right frame of mind to start them back up.

Part of the issue is that King got so into the Dark Tower world that he weaved in tiny doses and brief mentions of Dark Tower characters and themes throughout many of his other stories that did not seem to be related in any way. It is like he was attempting to tie much of his entire body of work together.

I have read most of his other older works, including the Bachman stuff, and I think I missed every one of those references. Seems like something I would enjoy correcting, so thanks for the info!

I was told by a friend who considers The Gunslinger one of his favorite books that I should never ever consider reading books V, VI, or VII in the Dark Tower series – they are so bad that they taint what came before them.

I would have to agree with your friend, at least as far as book V goes. I imagine I will trudge through the last 2 eventually, but I am not happy about it.

Here are some of the connections with spoilers if you are interested. As a King fan, I was afraid how his wreck in 1999 would affect his writing. It seems there that one obvious one is that he has written a lot more about pain and suffering as he likes to write about things that scare him the most. For whatever reason, he chose to wrap up the Dark Tower too quickly for my liking, but maybe he was just tired of having it hang over him along with the incessant questions about when he would finish.

I am afraid I would rather George RR Martin not finish his SoIaF series as opposed to ending it as King has done his.

Maybe turning this into a King thread would squeeze some use in it rather than the stupid premise I came up with Friday.

J.J. Abrams and King have talked about doing some project based on the series. At minimum, until Star Trek is done, I do not imagine anything related to that possibility will develop.