Retirement dreams?


For me a typical day is pretty full. Morning coffee and news, then either spend a few hours working on the book or spend a few hours working on Spanish homework. Then figure out what to do about lunch. I have Spanish class two afternoons a week; otherwise afternoons are for errands / chores / and (when permitting) work. We have a regular dinner with friends one night a week and impromptu ones a couple of times a week. I play cards with a small group on Saturday mornings.

We travel to South Africa every year (C’s mother still lives there) and usually try to include a side trip somewhere else. Last year was Spain, this year Spain again. And we travel to the US to see my folks every year too.


My grandfather had a pretty good deal going, he passed away a couple years back at 89. He never technically retired really, though you couldn’t really call it work as we know it. He was a barber, owned his own shop, and pretty much came in three mornings a week to drink coffee and chat with his buddies. And if someone needed a trim while he happened to be there, well he could probably swing that too. If he liked you.