Retribution with the Liam Neesons

I like the setup for the movie and don’t want to see or watch anymore until I see the movie.

In the new action-thriller Retribution , Matt Turner, a financier at a lucrative hedge fund, is preparing to drop his kids off at school before heading to work. The glimpse into Matt’s home life is hardly encouraging: He’s such a workaholic that he barely pays attention to his wife, who is clearly having doubts about their marriage. (Conversely, Matt’s colleague proudly boasts that he’s a “credit to capitalism,” which is how you know Matt sucks.) Things aren’t going great for Matt, but they’re about to get much, much worse: Soon after hopping in the car, he gets a call from a stranger who claims that a bomb has been placed under his seat. If Matt doesn’t do what the man says—or if he tries to get himself or his children out of the vehicle—the bomb will go off.

I’m in.

So, it’s like Speed with Liam Neeson?

You see, this is exactly why I never answer cold calls.

I suspect bomb will be the legacy of this movie!

Is that a stray S in the thread title, or are there multiple Liams Neeson (the correct plural form! :-P) in the film or something?

Sorry, it’s a reference to Key & Peele’s sketch about Liam Neesons.

And the amazing follow-up.

He has a very specific set of skills.

I wish the Barbie movie had used Liam Neeson instead of Will Ferrell.

We’ll always have the Lego Movie.

Next, you’ll be telling me the dude from Die Hard is not Bruce Willy.