Retro FPS Game for a non-FPS player?

No doubt about that. Sin was actually a really fun balls to the wall shooter. I have yet to be able to find the expansion pack. There is a gold edition out there but it’s only for the Mac :(

I might get laughed at but a patched version of “Sin” and especially the expansion pak (if you can find it) is great fun.

Strongly disagree. Sin was just plain bad, regardless of how many times you patch it.

Thanks for all the feedback folks. Trying a game outside my usual taste is a bit odd. Its not always intuitive what I’ll like. For example, several replies suggested I try the more “tactical” shooters like Rainbow 6 and its progeny. In theory that sounds logical - its a more thoughtful, decision oriented type of shooter so it might fill the gap between my normal RPG/Strat preferences and FPS. And yet the few times I demoed those games I hated them. In fact they were less fun to me than simplistic shooters like Serious Sam. I think part of it is that although those games have less pure reflex twitch, they DO heavily rely on timing and precise patterns of movement – go around the corner, throw grenade, retreat, take one shot, duck, move to the other corridor, etc; all tightly timed. I just find that time of gameplay to suck b/c it always seems to boil down to trial and error and although its not pure reflex it stills feels very twitchy to me.

The example of Privateer 2 was a good one - that game was LESS hardcore, less cerebral, more of a pure shootemup but I liked it. Independence War looked interesting enough for me to download the demo but its more hardcore flight model was too daunting for me. Yes, I-War is far more “cerebral” than Privateer 2 – and based on my normal tastes you’d think I’d like it. But, nope :).

I think the basic idea for me is, ANY twitch is a downer. Even the relatively small twitch factor in a tactical shooter or capital-ship sim is enough to render the game un-enjoyable for me. On the other hand, sometimes an action game is simple enough for even my wimpy twitch skills and I can enjoy the other aspects - immersion for Pathways into Darkness and Marathon, trading/shipbuilding in Privateer 2.

So based on all the feedback it sounds like Max Payne is a maybe. I MIGHT like it if I got into the story but views on the quality of the story vary. Undying sounds similar in terms of immersion. NOLF sounds like a pure No.

The two that seem like I might enjoy them are System Shock 2 and Deus Ex. I have not been able to get much info on how Deus Ex actually plays. Some input would be appreciated. I did download some FAQs and Walk-thrus for SS2 and it looks like I might enjoy it - yes extremely twitchy in some places but it has difficulty settings and a certain amount of strategy/character building. Plus what sounds like a very cool and creepy plot. One of the real questions is, how easy are these games? I think as a practical matter, for me to enjoy an action game it has to be the kind that a serious action gamer would consider laughably easy. (Hey I admit it - I’m an action wimp.)

Also, tell me more about the thief games. I read some reviews based on the input here and am intrigued. However, there are LOTS of versions of Thief out - original, sequel, gold, etc. If I do try Thief, what is the best package to start with?

Thanks again for all the input :). I do try to sample games outside my normal range and it is always an adventure.


Which brings up a nice segue - what type of games have folks here recently tried, outside their normal tastes, that they really liked?

Dude, if ANY twitch is a bad get thyself a turn based game. All FPS and TPS have twitch, it’s why they are called shooters.

Hey, thats why I usually play turn based and RPGs :). I think the bottom line is that if the twitch aspect is easy enough, and there are other strong elements to the game (immersion, character building, strategy, what have you) then I can still enjoy the game. But past a certain threshold, too much twitch kills me. And my threshold is a LOT lower than most of you guys’ :).


Here are a couple of FPSs that should soothe thy frazzled nerves, my dearie.

Nerf Arena Blast

Chex Quest

Play them as part of a complete balanced breakfast.

Dan, get Thief Gold if you can find it, as it’s got some additional missions that are very good. Apparently it’s not all that easy to locate, though, and the recent Thief Platinum Pack with both Thief and Thief II in it includes the original Thief, not the Gold version. But anyway you can do it, do it. Thief is my all-time favorite PC game, one I’ve replayed at least four times. Just incredible atmosphere, story, gameplay, blah, blah, blah. Thief II is very good, too, superior in some ways, though I missed the creepy supernatural stuff from the first game.

BTW, anyone know what you have to do to get the Thief games working on XP? I know you’ve got to do something extra to enable the cutscenes, but I forget what exactly.

Are you using 98 compatibility mode on them?

BTW, anyone know what you have to do to get the Thief games working on XP? I know you’ve got to do something extra to enable the cutscenes, but I forget what exactly.

TTLG Forums :

"You have to reinstall the indeo video codecs. You will find them on Thief: TDP’s disc, and on disc 1 of Thief Gold. If you have Thief 2, you can find them on CD2 (the file is iv5play.exe); or you can download them from here (link will open in a new window).

This problem often arises because of conflicts with some other programs such as Realplayer or Windows Media Player, the video codecs become corrupted and no longer work.

There is an incompatibility between the Indeo codecs and Windows XP. If you wish to view the ingame movies and have Windows XP you must install the codecs every time you play Thief.


Scrooge’s Permanent Movie Fix

  1. Locate (use “Search”) the file named “regsvr32.exe”. It is located in the Windows SYSTEM directory (if w95x/ME) or SYSTEM32 (if 2K/XP), copy it in your thief installation.

  2. Create a “text document” named “RegIndeo.bat” and copy/paste the following text:

“regsvr32.exe /s LGVID.AX” (without quotes)

  1. Save it (The file extension must be .bat)

Simply double-click on the file when your movies don’t play.

Note: due to the “registration” process, it is not needed to repeat the operation in all your installed Thief/Gold/II, simply use one of them. The “registration” process will fix the problems in all installed Thief games present."

Thanks a lot, this saves me some digging. I remembered something with Indeo, but I wasn’t sure what exactly.

I enjoyed Deus Ex back when I was less of a twitch-player. There’s a lot of sneaking, exploring, character building, and alternate path options you can use to get through and around the combat. Ultimately, it forces you into several twitch-contests with the AI’s, but it’s got a fairly good range, and it’s available at discount prices, so you’re not risking much.

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For the non-shooter who wants to try a shooter, The Sum of All Fears can be fun. The campaign’s on the short side, and there is some wonkiness with the AI, but it’s got a lot of options (auto-aim, always show enemies on mini-map, etc.) that take away the need to be a twitch player. It’s also selling for about $10.
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