Retro Television Network - Anyone else watching this?

One of the local channels decided to replace their 24 hour airport cam channel with RTN. Apparently this is a national network that customizes for each market and is getting picked up to fill a lot of digital sub-channels. . So far they are showing a lot of classic action series. I’ve seen Emergency!, Magnum PI, Airwolf, Knight Rider, and the A-Team, just to name a few.

Kind of a cool way to watch the old shows without buying all the DVD sets.

That’s funny, I got the UROLD channel instead. It shows all the same shows, and in between there are commercials that advocate the wisdom of “people who are scared of new things” and how they keep this country great.

The other day I was in my hip local liquor store[1], picking up a bottle of wine with my wife. Jane’s Addiction[2] was on the stereo, and I realized the track playing was from…maybe…1990[3]. How soon until “nothing shocking” is the elevator music of our generation? I’m looking forward to that voice that does the “oldies” radio stations saying “playing music from the 90’s, 2000, and today, on TODAY’s CLASSIC ROCK.”

This TV station is the beginning of our end.

[1] you must have 4 tattoos, something painfully tribal, and an emover+++ to be considered to have enough flair for management
[2] currently considered retro-hip
[3] That was “my day”, when music wasn’t this flim-flam Brittany Spears crack-up/mashup featuring neo-emo sensation Death Cab for Cutie[3].
[4] who I’ve heard at Home Depot. Holy shit, IT HAS BEGUN.