Retrovirus - Descent 2013

Retrovirus is basically Descent, but instead of being in an asteroid, you’re flying around the inside of a computer. That’s not to say the level design and artwork don’t look great… I think it’s actually quite original. A definite Tron vibe.

It’s also pretty damn good so far.

And it’s out on Steam for $17.99. If you liked Descent, this is a no-brainer.

There is full 360 controller support. Playing this on a 42" TV at 1080p is gorgeous.

Wow, what an endorsement. How come I’ve never heard of this game? Has the developer done anything else cool? Where did this come from?

Heads off to start Steam so he can see if there’s a demo.

I saw this today and immediately thought of Descent.

The soundtrack is also kinda awesome!

They couldn’t get my money fast enough.

If it succeeds where miner wars failed, im a happy man… trying it now.

It definitely does. I like how all the weapons have a “scan function”, where you scan the point where the weapon impacted, and it does something unique.

Also, I think this game is absolutely massive. I played for three hours, and only leveled up twice. The skill tree seems to imply that you can level up at least 30 times…

And one of the achievements said “Complete all 42 levels at x difficulty”, and it said I had only completed 3 levels (!). Although, there are no load screens, so I don’t really know what constitutes a level…

looks very nice, not regretting spending my 18 spacebux

So is the AI as good as in Descent? Enemies that dodge fire? Something like the Thief bot that comes and steals your stuff and runs away? That sort of thing? Basically enemy behavior that keeps combat interesting? I thought the Halo series was the only first person shooter that continued in the vain of Descent when it came to interesting enemy behavior (including Halo 4, which is excellent in that regard).

havent met a thief bot yet, but yea bots dodge and such. game is large, so they might yet appear. the movement is very decent, quite nice. love the bright looks.

Put at least a link to the game

And look, a video so people knows how it is

Was that hard? :P

Yes TurinTur, but he spelled everything in the thread title correctly and he succinctly described it, AND had the name of the game in the title too! All that in 2 words, a number and a dash. Amazing. I need to take thread title lessons from flyinj and so do you. :-p

Yeah yeah, all correct, but… where is the charm Rock8man, where is the charm? :D and not even one pun in the title or the text. What’s the point!!! ;)

The starting client says “editor not yet released.” The fact that there’s an editor coming makes me very happy.

Oh, man! There is some ARG stuff going on as well.

Looks like a great game. Tempting, but Descent is the only game to give me serious motion sickness. Even the trailer made my stomach turn.

This game is terrific so far. I can’t believe that this popped out with no marketing or anything.

Definitely mouse and keyboard. It does have multiplayer, including a MOBA mode.

I’m pretty unimpressed with it so far. It doesn’t seem to have much personality beyond “make it like TRON”. The early stages are basically finding keys to move to the next area. There’s a very very slow weapon progression system and if the progression is the same weapon system in multiplayer, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be very rewarding.


i play it with a joystick and keyboard, and the ship definately dances like the one in descent.

Looked fun from the video, and the music certainly helped get the right “descent” feel :)