Retuning to CoH.. US/Euro? What?

I was just planning on returning to CoH, since I found City of Villains for a low price, and noticed they seem to have Euro-servers now. Seems neat at first, but then I find out that if I want to play on both US and Euro servers, I have to pay a separate subscription fee for both. Eh? Also, CoV seems to be locale-limited, and I would have to purchase an US-CoV in addition to the Euro-CoV I now own.

Why? Why? Whyyyy? shakes fist angrily

What’s the financial basis for these sort of braindead decisions? I know WoW and DAOC are basically the same way, but couldn’t CoH have adopted the way of EQ2 et al instead. I’d much rather play on the US-servers, but my RL-friends who have bought CoH recently all have the Euro-version. Blah.

On the positive side, as I already own the US-CoH, NCSoft gave me Euro-CoH for free, so at least I can upgrade that with the Euro-CoV I have.

US accounts can migrate to Euro servers. Pretty sure its irreversible though. There is no way for a Euro account to migrate to a US server.

I ordered a US copy of CoV from a web store because of this. Screw those lame Euro bastards I say.