Returnal PS5 story driven third person bullethell roguelite

I swear there was a thread for this but either the search is failing badly or I was mistaken. Anyway this drops relatively soon and is looking pretty good. From Housemarque who have shown they know how to make an arcade style game, but now are tackling something a but more AAA. Story looks to be a big focus in way possibly similar to Hades.

Here’s a new enemy trailer

And here’s some gameplay from a state of play

Story trailer

Up until about 10 seconds ago I thought this would be a neat game, but seeing the tag “bullethell” is a huge turn off for me, I’m just abysmal at those.

Is bulletheaven a thing? That would be better, right?

Well that’s just my shorthand, watch the videos and judge for yourself, it definitely pulls from Housmarque’s arcade style games but it’s not as crazy bullethell as the more crazy shmups.

It reminds me of Risk of Rain 2 with the commando, but weightier and more realistic (and story focused, of course). I stopped watching the trailer because I was sold. Now if only I had a PS5…

Ok here’s the official trailer of the one I originally had in the OP that got deleted

It looks like it combines elements of their arcade-style work with a story based time repeating adventure game.

They honestly haven’t made a bad game yet IMO. Everything they do has substance. I’m not watching any more on this because I just want to play it in a couple weeks.

Don’t know how it will be handled here, but in Nex Machina, you press a button to get through a layer of bullets. Like a warp button, so that part is not a big deal. You should play that if you haven’t.

I’ve been craving a PS5 action game, and if reviews for this are stellar I may end up getting it. It does look good. For now I’m leaning more towards Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. It’s a couple of months later but I can probably wait. Still have to get back into Control…

Get both!

Most of the recent comments about Returnal compare it to a souls game with arcade pacing and PT-esque interstitials, which is a reasonable response to the gloomy trailer visuals and marketing of its roguelike structure. What I see in the fusion of bullet hell and third-person shooting shown in the trailers looks like it could be Housemarque’s roguelike take on Vanquish. Add to that that they’re the developer of modern arcade classic, Resogun, and it’s easily one of my most anticipated 2021 release.

The thread title is like a word salad lol.

One thing’s for sure, this game will be pretty. Housemarque never disappoints graphically.

Press previews going up now, and impressions seem very positive so far from what I’m seeing. I’ve seen a few mentions of Metroid Prime and importantly that it feels good to play.

Fingers in ears

I can’t hear you!

Not gonna spoil it!

Well my copy is pre-loaded. Now I get to stare at a 6 day countdown timer…

I’m too old and sloooow for this kind of game…sucks.

Couple of early reviews leaked then got pulled, both were 9+ so things are looking good for it. I think tomorrow is the review embargo so we should get a bunch then.