Returnal PS5 story driven third person bullethell roguelite

I hated those guys until one was in my face and I jammed the sword button out of instinct, and it died. Sword them.

Wait. I have a sword?

Yes, but you have to find it first.

It’s in this room in Biome 1 (per my cursory Googling at least, I already forgot when I got it.)

Maybe, you find one pretty early on in the first biome and it’s a permanent unlock. It’s how you take down red barriers, and pro-tip upgrading it lets you take down the orange ones (not some late game permanent metroid upgrade, you just need to buy the artifact in the shop each run in f you want it)

Don’t feel bad. I’ve played like 4 hours and haven’t found it yet.

Ok random questions time:

  1. I found a “Vault” that had a red door on the map. Is this main path or optional? I died before I got to check it out when it showed up.
  2. Do you guys tend to leave malignant items/chests alone, or is it better to get the advantage and just deal with the malfunction for a bit? So far I’ve largely avoided them.
  3. Without the sword I don’t have yet, is there a way to take out shielded turrets? The only thing I found that worked so far was a homing missile alt-fire on a gun I had.

Are you sure you don’t have the sword? I don’t think shield enemies show up unless you have it. Hit square.

Main path doors are squares, triangles are side areas. Circle on top is a portal room, Star on top is an optional (usaully) challenge room.

Pretty sure I don’t since I still have the 'figure out how to get through xeno tech doors" goal.

I’m always rocking 2 malfunctions. Most of them are easy to clear.

Here’s a little tip, you can do actions that might cause malfunction if it will clear another malfunction. For example, if you have to open a chest to clear a malfunction, but it’s a cursed chest, getting a malfunction from that won’t kill you because the other one clears.

There’s an artifact or parasite that increases your integrity everytime you get/clear a malfunction, that was one of my favorites so far.

Is the limit 2? Without the scenario you mentioned if I get a 3rd am I dead?

Yes 3 = dead

Is the limit 2? Without the scenario you mentioned if I get a 3rd am I dead?

I believe it destroys a random item in your inventory like an artifact when you hit the 3rd malfunction. I think I had it happen once and did not die. This page seems to confirm:

A Critical Malfunction occurs when you have two active Malfunctions and a third triggers. Rather than activating a third Malfunction, this destroys a random item in your inventory.

Note that it doesn’t specify what will happen if you have no items - perhaps that kills you?

And to go back to your question about the red door, I believe that’s the room leading to the boss’s room…

2nd boss down, first attempt. I had a gun that was straight up unfair, though. It was that machine gun but it fired poison shots or something. Absolutely melted everything.

Dammit was this close to beating the final boss on the first try. Bah, if I had full health going into the fight I would have done it.

Heads up- another patch coming today. If you’ve got a run in progress - either turn off auto update or take your PS5 off the network.

And may just not want to play the game for a bit or not do this update. Seems to be causing issues with save files. I’m getting an error now, hopefully my save isn’t completely borked as I was at the final boss…

Yeah I was just playing for a bit and got save errors a bunch.

I think I might put this down until they figure out some sort of mid-run save feature. I am just baffled that they shipped this game without one. I was almost 3 hours into a great run last night, was on the third boss but needed to go to bed so I put it in rest mode and woke up to find out the game had patched (again) overnight and my run was gone.

Did the developers think the people who bought their game would never want to play another game instead of theirs? That their was no scenario where forcing their players into hour long runs that could be wiped with a patch or a bug or a power outage or anything really was a good idea? Even a game like Hades (superior in my opinion) had the ability to save and those runs generally took 30 mins or less (the perfect run length in my opinion). The fact that a full run in this game can take over 3 hours and you’re expected to just play non-stop is just mind blowing.

You probably want to disable auto-update