Returnal PS5 story driven third person bullethell roguelite

There’s an artifact or parasite that increases your integrity everytime you get/clear a malfunction, that was one of my favorites so far.

Is the limit 2? Without the scenario you mentioned if I get a 3rd am I dead?

Yes 3 = dead

Is the limit 2? Without the scenario you mentioned if I get a 3rd am I dead?

I believe it destroys a random item in your inventory like an artifact when you hit the 3rd malfunction. I think I had it happen once and did not die. This page seems to confirm:

A Critical Malfunction occurs when you have two active Malfunctions and a third triggers. Rather than activating a third Malfunction, this destroys a random item in your inventory.

Note that it doesn’t specify what will happen if you have no items - perhaps that kills you?

And to go back to your question about the red door, I believe that’s the room leading to the boss’s room…

2nd boss down, first attempt. I had a gun that was straight up unfair, though. It was that machine gun but it fired poison shots or something. Absolutely melted everything.

Dammit was this close to beating the final boss on the first try. Bah, if I had full health going into the fight I would have done it.

Heads up- another patch coming today. If you’ve got a run in progress - either turn off auto update or take your PS5 off the network.

And may just not want to play the game for a bit or not do this update. Seems to be causing issues with save files. I’m getting an error now, hopefully my save isn’t completely borked as I was at the final boss…

Yeah I was just playing for a bit and got save errors a bunch.

I think I might put this down until they figure out some sort of mid-run save feature. I am just baffled that they shipped this game without one. I was almost 3 hours into a great run last night, was on the third boss but needed to go to bed so I put it in rest mode and woke up to find out the game had patched (again) overnight and my run was gone.

Did the developers think the people who bought their game would never want to play another game instead of theirs? That their was no scenario where forcing their players into hour long runs that could be wiped with a patch or a bug or a power outage or anything really was a good idea? Even a game like Hades (superior in my opinion) had the ability to save and those runs generally took 30 mins or less (the perfect run length in my opinion). The fact that a full run in this game can take over 3 hours and you’re expected to just play non-stop is just mind blowing.

You probably want to disable auto-update

Sure I could do that, but why should I have to do that for this one game because they’ve made poor design decisions? And it’s not just the patch, yeah that killed my run last night but I’ve had multiple crashes from bugs and even something a simple as a power outage would end it. The fundamental problem is that the runs in this game are far to long and there’s no way to save progress. The fact that success is actually a disincentive for me to keep playing is a real problem. I know that the more successful I am the longer I’m going to be committed to that run at the expense of other games I might want to play and for me I’m less excited to play knowing I might have to commit the next 3-5 hours of my gaming time to this one thing.

And I really do like this game. That’s what’s so frustrating, I think the combat is great, the upgrade system is engaging, the atmosphere is interesting. Until they give me a way to save runs so that I can come amd go as I please though I don’t think I’ll be playing much.

My friends have been saying exactly the same. 3+ hours in one stretch is a big ask. Blows my mind that there isn’t a ‘save and quit’ option.

Still no signs for PS5 availability… but Returnal will go top on my list!

Some more observations:

  • You can sleep in the ship as often as you want in Biomes 1 & 4, enough to always fill your health at least. You just have to leave the ship and go right back inside. I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets nerfed in a patch eventually. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, you can use this in conjunction with the healing pickups morphing into integrity pickups at full health to game the system into giving yourself more health upgrades. Edit: they nerfed this.
  • There’s an option to “ALWAYS RUN” in the settings. Turning it on makes the game significantly easier, for me at least, I went from always always having to hit circle to evade projectiles to making it much more rare - although it does make the platforming bits somewhat annoying. Not to mention this may save some wear & tear on your L3 button which from what I’ve read is a contributing factor to the controller developing drift problems.
  • You can also boost your aim assist to “HIGH” in there for a more generous target lock-on.

The sleep thing is going away or has in the latest patch. It’s being changed to single use I believe

Yeah, it reeks of something that will get nerfed…but as of 10 AM EST today and after installing a patch this morning, it was still letting me do it. I only feel slightly guilty about abusing the crap out of it as the game is so hard.

Also, whatever developer came up with these enemies needs to be tried for crimes against humanity:

I’d rather fight some of the bosses than 6-8 of these things at once - they’re horrid!

Patch notes: RETURNAL PATCH 1.3.4 — Housemarque

Nothing in here about nerfing the ship heals…yet. Although it sounds like some of you may have to start over if your saved game got changed to 0KB.

Got the basic ending. Thought the game was pretty fantastic but marred by a few bugs and a questionable no save on exit, both of those things will hopefully be fixed by the time most of you find a PS5 and can play it. Watched the secret ending, and as I suspected this is some real Twilight Zone shit, but not sure I fully get it either, I haven’t seen all the house sequences too though so that might help a bit but from reading things are a bit vague. I’ll probably work at getting that ending myself as I still find the moment to moment action very fun to play and I still have some weapon perks to unlock, though I may take a short break from it too with RE: Village out.

I was having a good run last night only to have my power go out… 3 hours later when it came back on I booted up the PS5 to repair the storage, etc, and check if my save got messed up. Obviously I lost the run, but I was surprised to see the etherium I had collected did save. I fed it tinot the pillar and got a really cool power that did an AoE blast when I dash. I also tried turning on always run as recommended by @fishpockets above. Ended up having another good run where I finally found the sword, got the key to the house and made it to the boss the first time.