Returning to WoW

I got the jonesing to play some WoW again so I’m going to subscribe for a month or two. I haven’t played pretty much since about February - I’m sure the game has changed a lot; can anyone clue me in on anything I should know? Do I still want Cosmos or any other UI plugins?


Gatherer is the only plugin I use.

You missed halloween, which was great fun, with costumes and such.

Other than that, there are lots of new quests, classes are a bit altered, but not drastically in most cases. Just enjoy new love for an old flame.

There have been quite a few interface updates since February - I would run the game without any plugins first, and see what you feel you’re missing.

I know it’s a great pain, but you probably want to look over the patch notes for the last several major patches.

Depending on your class, you may find that you log in to find all your Talents unspent, or that they’re there but you can clear them and re-train for free. When a class gets a MAJOR talent overhaul, blizzard does this (pretty standard practice really) so that players can re-configure.

Making a “build” that’s at least reasonable in PvP is a far bigger deal now than it was in February. There are now three battlegrounds, and they’re all WAY fun, and a good way to get a little PvP in even if you’re not normally into PvP. Plus, there are quests associated with the battlegrounds, so even if you’re just a solo-type player, you can do a little leveling by dipping your toe in the waters.

WoW has really come a long way over the course of 2005, I think. But I’d be very curious to hear what your impressions are after you go back.

I think Hunters, Druids Warlocks and Warriors have all had significant changes. Also lots of very nice UI changes - loot rolling, dressing room (ctrl click on item links to get a snapshot of your character with the item equipped) Quest tracking… probably quite a few otehrs but those are the main ones i can think of.