Reus, or Giants: Citizen Kablooie


Yeah good book, bought it 20 odd years ago. Good read from martin just like Fevre Dream. I prefer his early stuff tbh.


I still cant get Reus to run, crashes halfway through Tutorial 2 so having to shelve it atm, shame really. To add reinstalling some fonts as that may be the issue.


Fantastic post, Sepiche! I wish I’d known that stuff before I started playing.

Another tip I’d add – and something that isn’t intuitive – is that you can freely “cast” an aspect over an existing aspect. You’re not at all committed to those chickens or that elderberry. Just put something else in its place! This is pretty much required when it comes to trying to set up some of the upper level projects. So don’t get too attached to a settlement’s layout. Freely overwrite what you’ve done.



They finally did it, those dirty bastards! They killed my giant! Planet sad!


Thanks for the excellent write-ups guys - I’m giving this one a shot as well, it seems!


This game is surprisingly deep. It has kept me awake for way too many hours this week. At first you think that getting 1000 food (or tech or wealth) is going to be totally impossible. But then you start to get hold of more and more symbiotic upgrade paths, and things begin to fall into place.


Yeah, I love how you start to peer down these unlikely paths to get crazy high amounts of resources (observatories and coffee, for instance). There’s so much cool stuff in this game and it unfurls it so cleverly.

I also find it curiously relaxing. I know some of you guys were complaining about how there’s no way to run the clock out once you’ve finished an objective, but I’ve really enjoyed how you have to be careful to balance the villages during the longer play session to make sure no one goes amok and conquers his neighbors. Or, worse, chases down one of your giants.

“Okay, you guys have a little too much wealth, so I’m going to replace this mine with a patch of dandelions for the time being. That should cool your jets…”



I’ve enjoyed this game, but I have to be in the mood for it. It winds me up pretty tight. It’s not the kind of game i feel like I can just sit back and relax. Maybe I am doing it wrong, I got around 20 achievements in my first full 120 block, but it felt like a frenzy almost the whole time. I only aimed at hitting two, but trying to keep these huge places building, the wars, the giant attacks. Heh… i didn’t even realize there had been 12 wars from one place… one place I almost leveled repeatedly.


Treemouth, my grandest village so far:

The javelina packs feel almost like cheating. They generate obscene amounts of food and also tons of danger to keep the greed down.


Holy cats, that’s one heck of a village, shang! From those war markers, it looks like they’ve been kicking ass and taking names despite the javelinas.



Yeah, the game works so that even with zero greed villages will go to war against neighbors that are significantly weaker. So eventually my game got to a point where there were a couple of mega-cities that immediately ganked any new villages that settled next to them.

At least the javelinas kept Treemouth from ever attacking my giants, though. I think the mob would have been large enough to chew the giants down in seconds.


I picked this up for $5 this weekend, and it has more than earned the money. My only major criticism is having to choose the length of the game ahead of time, as once I feel I’ve accomplished enough goals I’d like to be able to end the game and get credit, rather than babysit it for the remaining time.

Overall, it’s a sweet blend of god game and puzzle game, and the artwork is superb.


I’ve had the same experience/thoughts.

I just picked it up on GoG last weekend, and I enjoyed the heck out of the first three tutorials and my first game. But, after growing pretty well (I think?) and hitting a few achievements, I really wanted to end it and start over. In the end it worked out OK. I used my last 5-10 minutes to push my global prosperity and experiment with some transformations that came with a few late ambassadors.

I feel like I’ll probably burn out on the game if/when I push to the higher levels (since there are so many arbitrary transformations that I’d need to memorize if I wanted an optimal build order, and–generally speaking–I always spend a ton of time studying my strategy games and math-optimizing my tactics).

However, the in-game help and tooltips have given me just enough info so I feel like I can make informed strategic decisions without resorting to a wiki guide. I’m very happy about that as it lets me enjoy the game’s theme and aesthetics without breaking into resource tables (in contrast to something like the Anno games where I loved the immersive graphics/setting but I found that I had to check the wiki so I could remember the hidden stoichiometry of each production chain).


Reus has been on my wishlist for a while now, since I heard Tom talk about it on the podcast. I’ve loved god-games since the original Populous. Finally picked this up in the Steam winter sale, and I’m very happy with it. One of the better games I’ve played in the genre. Steam says I’ve played 19 hours and I’ve unlocked about 2/3 of the stuff, having a blast doing it.


I like from what I played , that you are limited at first to 30 minute rounds, I just hit level 2 and finally think I have a pretty good hang on how the game works overall.

Very much enjoying it.


Finished all the unlocks today! (At least I think so…everything in level 1-3. Still have those challenge things at the bottom to do.) Steam says I played 33 hours, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. What a nicely designed, well-executed game. Definitely will be keeping an eye on what Abbey Games does in the future!


I remember Tom liking this game so I decided to give it another try. I just don’t understand this game. I managed to complete my objective of having a forest village with 100+ prosperity, but I just kinda plopped down food when I thought I needed food, a mine for minerals etc. I don’t think I really understood what the heck was going on in the game though.


It takes some effort to get your head around all the lovely little synergies but I found it a very thoughtful and engaging game once I had. Initially it’s not too tricky but as you get further on you realise that you’re really trying to eke out as much resources as possible from your respective patch of land (or water!). I played it for quite a while but had various things interrupt my flow to the point where it made it tricky to return. I’d very much like to though.


So is the point then to unlock more unlockables by beating the challenges, so you can generate more resources and beat more challenges, etc?


It’s been a while but I think so, yeah.